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Automotive Press Release : 08 Jun 2017

Bustling Space Bookings for MOTOR EXPO 2017 Confident Expo will boost year-end sales. Automotive—08 Jun 17

Car makers, motorcycle makers and auto accessories vendors look forward to theMotor Expo 2017 to drive year-end sales. Kwanchai Paphatphong Organizing Chairman of "The 34th Thailand International Motor Expo 2017" said, "The atmosphere of the Area

Self-steering Volvo Truck set to Increase Brazil#s Sugar-cane Harvest Automotive—08 Jun 17

GOTHENBURG, Sweden--8 Jun--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Volvo Trucks has developed a new self-steering truck that can become a significant productivity booster for Brazilian sugar-cane growers. The truck, which is used to transport newly harvested sugar-cane, is steered with great precision through the fields in order to avoid damaging the young plants that will form the following year's crop. At present, about four per cent of the crop is lost as young plants are run over and the soil is compacted by moving vehicles. This can translate into tens of thousands of US dollars in lost revenue per truck per season.

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In Maringa, an hour's flight west of Sao Paulo, the Usina Santa Terezinha Group produces sugar and ethanol from its own sugar-cane crops. In the past growing season, the company's huge fields have served as a test area for a prototype vehicle from Volvo Trucks. The truck was developed to examine how automated driving can make it possible to avoid damage to soil and crops, thus boosting revenues. The potential for bigger harvests is significant - up to ten tonnes per hectare per year.

"With the help of Volvo Trucks' solution we can increase producti