Rizen Energy delivers the first 101 EV Taxi VIP electric-powered vehicles at Suvarnabhumi Airport, lifting Thailands taxi standards and helping to drive the country towards Thailands Energy 4.0 policy

Automotive Press Releases Thursday August 16, 2018 16:20
Bangkok--16 Aug--ABM

Rizen Energy Co., Ltd., today held a delivery ceremony to hand over 101 "BYD e6" electric vehicles to EV Society Co., Ltd., one of the taxi service management companies at Suvarnabhumi Airport, in cooperation with the Department of Land Transport, to drive the use of electric vehicles in public transportation for the first time in Thailand with the "EV Taxi VIP" project, which aims to lift the country's taxi standards. The BYD e6 electric vehicles will go into service on September 9th, 2018, at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Passengers who want to travel in an electric-powered taxi can book a vehicle using the Department of Land Transport's "Taxi Ok" app, or contact the 24-hour call center at 0 2039 8888.

More than three million electric vehicles are currently in use around the world. The number of electric vehicles increased dramatically during 2017, especially in the United States, Germany, Iceland, Japan, and China. In Thailand, electric vehicles are becoming more popular for use as both private passenger cars and for public transportation. The Thai government's Energy 4.0 policy targets 1.2 million electric vehicles to be on the country's roads by 2036. The policy promotes the use of alternative energy, will reduce reliance on fossil fuels and their environmental impact, and will eventually reduce the overall amount of energy used in Thailand by 30 percent in line with the Energy Efficiency Plan.

Mr. Somsak Hommaung, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Transport Ministry, said that the ministry's policy was to encourage greater use of electric vehicles in accordance with the government's policy. "The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has issued an Announcement on Electric Motor Power Used for Mobility, In Accordance with Automobile Regulations, and How to Use Small Electric Vehicles Safely. This will help to drive the growth of electric vehicles. As the Transport Ministry would also like to expedite the use of electric vehicles for public transport, the EV Taxi VIP launch, under the DLT's Taxi VIP project, will play an important role in creating a quality transportation system. This includes quality in every aspect, such as professional service standards, the driver's quality of life, the environment, and people's health with no additional pollution caused by transportation. The project should also help to reduce fuel usage as vehicles in the EV Taxi VIP program are 100% electric cars. The number of Taxi VIP cars in service will be increased. This premium taxi service will offer quality in every aspect as per the DLT's requirements. There will be 30 charging stations around Bangkok, which should be sufficient to meet demand. The EV Taxi VIP service will also serve the growth of the tourism industry and boost Thailand's image. At Suvarnabhumi Airport, there will be dedicated parking spaces on the first floor for EV Taxi VIP vehicles, helping the airport to realize its Smart Airport vision," he said.

Mr. Sanit Promwong, Director-General of the Department of Land Transport, said, "The Department of Land Transport supports transport operators in offering alternative-energy public transport that is environmentally friendly. The department also aims to set higher standards for transport services, especially taxi service standards, to ensure the best service quality and overall safety, which are being implemented through the 'Taxi OK' and 'Taxi VIP' projects. The public vehicles under these projects, especially Taxi VIP, use advanced technology to ensure customer satisfaction. The Taxi VIP project is an alternative transportation platform to serve customers from various sectors such as private companies and the hospitality sector, as well as businesspeople and tourists who demand a luxurious, convenient, and premium service. With the cooperation between EV Society Co., Ltd. and Rizen Energy Co., Ltd., the BYD e6 electric vehicles will be the first batch of taxis running on 100% electric power. They will be ready for EV Taxi VIP service from September 9th, 2018, onwards. By the end of 2018, the operator targets having 101 EV Taxi VIP vehicles in service.

Dr. Yossapong Laoonual, President of the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand, revealed that the Association is actively engaged in promoting the use of electric vehicles, as well as supporting a variety of infrastructure developments, stating, "This includes developing a charging station infrastructure nationwide. The EV Taxi VIP pilot project that is taking place at Suvarnabhumi Airport will help stimulate the electric vehicle manufacturing industry in Thailand, promote R&D in related technology, and increase the effectiveness of energy usage while reducing pollution caused by public transportation."

Mr. Supajitr Singhanu, Deputy Managing Director of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Airports of Thailand PCL, added that AOT's vision is to be one of world's best airport operators and managers, and also has a mission to increase sustainable efficiency. "The EV Taxi VIP project will play an important role in driving our airport to develop into the Smart Airport of the future. We are starting with the EV Taxi VIP project to serve domestic and international visitors with five parking spaces for electric vehicles on the first floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport and at the long-term parking lot. We also plan to install charging stations at Parking Building 2, Parking Building 3, and the long term parking lot. They will serve all 101 EV VIP Taxis and other electric vehicles in the future," he said.

Mr. Apichat Leenutaphong, Managing Director of Rizen Energy Co., Ltd., said, "Globally recognized as stable with secure production standards, BYD Auto Co., Ltd., the world's leading lithium battery manufacturer for 20 years, is also the number one electric vehicle manufacturer, with sales of more than 200,000 vehicles per year in 40 countries around the world. The company is working together with EV Society Co., Ltd. executives to train the drivers to have a service mindset, improve their driving skills, and teach them the basics of electric vehicle maintenance. Rizen Energy is fully prepared to provide after-sales service for the vehicles with our certified electric vehicle maintenance team and we will also offer genuine quality parts. The EV Taxi VIP service is going to be a game changer for public transportation in Thailand, and I'm confident that the electric-powered taxis will receive great feedback from passengers."

"The EV Taxi VIP project using the BYD e6 electric vehicles is a partnership between Rizen Energy and EV Society Co., Ltd. This partnership is a starting point for alternative-energy vehicles, which are now becoming very competitive in price compared to conventionally-powered vehicles, thanks to the cost of batteries decreasing 12 to 15% every year. We appreciate the support of all the parties involved in this project, especially the Thai government, which has adjusted regulations, is providing direct and indirect financial support, and continues to clarify and adapt policies to help us encourage the broader use of electric vehicles," added Mr. Apichat.

Mr. Sorayut Petchtrakul, Managing Director of EV Society Co., Ltd., said, "EV Society is committed to developing a convenient, safe, and more professional taxi service in Thailand in line with the Department of Land Transport's policy, while encouraging the use of clean energy vehicles to preserve the environment and contribute to good health. EV Taxi VIP will start offering service on September 9th, 2018. Customers can arrange for an electric-powered taxi through three channels: at our service counter on the 1st floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport, using the Taxi Ok mobile app, and via our call center at 0 2039 8888. Fares start at 150 baht for the first two kilometers, and are then 16 baht per kilometer after that. Passengers who pay with a credit or debit card, Ali Pay, WeChat, or Rabbit LINE Pay will receive a special 5% discount."

"The company has given our drivers training by public transportation service experts from Thailand and abroad, and tested them in areas such as service etiquette, driving expertise, and the basics of electric vehicle maintenance. We have partnered with JP Insurance for special insurance rates covering the vehicle, driver, and passengers. EA Anywhere and SUSCO petroleum will provide offsite charger stations at any EA Anywhere location and seven SUSCO gas stations in Bangkok at no charge, including SUSCO's Bangpakok location (SUSCO Headquarters on Ratburana Road), as well as Kanchanapisek, Bangyor, Ekachai, Senanikom, Sri Nakarin 1, and Sri Nakarin 3 until the end of 2018," added Mr. Sorayut.

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