8 Things to Know When Buying an All-New Crossover

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One of the more popular types of vehicles today is the crossover. Loved for its versatility, capabilities and carrying capacity, a properly-developed crossover is more than just a vehicle. It is an extension of the driver, designed to expand his or her sphere of activities and lifestyle.

Many crossovers dot the market today, but which one is the right one? Before placing an order for one, here are 8 things to consider before deciding on which crossover to buy.
1. Design

Design is one of the most subjective aspects of a vehicle. However, there are certain criteria to consider. In addition to looking big, tough and rugged, a good crossover must hold the strengths of an SUV. It should not be just an upgrade from a sedan platform, but an all-new vehicle that combines versatility, roominess, utility, performance and refinement in a single package. As an all-new vehicle, it should be creating its own new market segment as an all-new crossover.

The current trend calls for a 'form follows function' design that combines protection, performance and aesthetics in a functional front end. For example, position and signal lights on top of the hood makes the crossover more visible to pedestrians and other motorists. Meanwhile, the headlights placed lower than usual do not blind oncoming drivers and pedestrians, while maximizing night vision. The good design provides real-world protection to occupants and motorists and pedestrians, in addition to bold and futuristic aesthetics.

2. Space

This is important in a good crossover. Look for a crossover with robust and ingenious design that has superior interior space and generous dimensions. A properly designed interior will provide occupants with ample leg and shoulder room, ability to accommodate seven people. It must be impressively spacious, yet functional.

Other things to look for include headroom and ease of entry and exit especially to third-row occupants.
3. Interior Comfort

The next thing a good crossover will have is interior comfort. Despite the higher seating positions and higher ground clearance, a good crossover should have high levels of interior comfort that is also smart and functional.

Look for an interior with attention to details, or 'Omotenashi' – Japanese for hospitality and attention to details, catering to the comfort and convenience of all the occupants inside the crossover. After all, you would want your passengers to enjoy the drive as much as you do. The interior should be functional, smart and full of multi-utility storage spaces and power outlets for chargers and other electronic devices. Look for individual power outlets at every row of seats.

The interior should also be quiet and well-insulated from the exterior.
4. Visibility
In addition to comfort, the interior must be clear, refined and provides as little blind-spot to the driver as possible.

the driver should also look for an interior with 'Horizontal Axis' design, where the overall orientation of the instrument panel enhances a driver's feel for changes in the vehicle's dynamic attitude. It should provide clear forward vision and void of unnecessary distractions. A driver's seat with a full-array of adjustments (reach, backrest angle, height) complete with a multi-adjustable steering wheel (height and reach) will be good for long drives.

An open, airy and spacious interior reduces stress and fatigue for the driver.
5. Utility

A crossover, as its name suggests, must perform more than one task. It must have the go-anywhere toughness of an SUV with the capacity, comfort and refinement of a passenger car. Look for an all-new crossover with superior cargo space and carrying capacity in addition to toughness, refinement and performance.

Generous cabin space with multi-utility storage places, efficient, convenient and functional use of space, storage areas and electrical power points are also important considerations. In addition to large luggage space (able to hold up to four gallon bottles), a good feature is 40:20:40 folding seats for the second row and 50:50 folding seats for the third row. Completely folded, the floor should be fully flat with no bumps or gaps.

6. Drivability and Handling

Although a crossover is not designed to set lap records, one that drives and handles well is important for both driving experience and safety. It should handle well on anything from dirt tracks and winding roads to highways and city traffic. A tight turning radius also aids maneuverability in urban and tight city confines. Consider additional helpful features like cruise control to ease a long road trip.

Manufacturers with particular expertise and long-standing history in producing SUVs and rally-winning cars will be better positioned to tune a crossover's ride and handling to provide the driver with superior handling and driving dynamics. In short, it must be fun to drive.

7. Versatility

This is important. The crossover should ideally have superior ground clearance of more than 200 millimeters to ensure it can wade through the occasional flood safely. A high ride-height also allows the crossover to clear road undulations without damaging the undercarriage. Look under the hood – the location of the engine air intake should be high for better wading capability.

For the interior, apart from a fully-flat luggage floor, look also for versatile seat arrangements so the crossover can be used as a people or cargo-carrier when the need arises.

The crossover must be able to function well as a highway cruiser, city runabout and the occasional camping and trips off the beaten track. It should be comfortable enough as a daily commute, yet strong and durable enough to carry cargo or seven people and luggage with ease.

8. Safety

Considering the crossover will be used as a family vehicle or for more sociable purposes, safety should also be a priority when choosing the right crossover. Both active and passive safety systems should be considered. They include features like active stability control, traction control system, hill-start assist, ABS and EBD with brake-assist, emergency stop signal system, dual SRS airbags, front ELR seatbelts with pre-tensioner and force limiter and three-point ELR seatbelts for all seats. A rear-facing camera is useful for reverse-parking. Ensure the crossover comes with ISOFIX child restraint mounting to protect the little one.

A good monocoque construction unifies the body and chassis. Look for a crossover with reinforced monocoque or RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) that absorbs energy from every direction and protects occupants with a solid cabin.

A good crossover must also be a safe one, as it will carry mostly friends, loved ones and priced possessions.

Armed with these eight tips, you are well on your way to making an informed decision on which crossover is the best choice to expand your horizon and lifestyle. Drawing on Mitsubishi Motors' expertise and heritage in SUVs, the all-new Mitsubishi XPANDER has been designed from the ground up to be robust and ingenious. It combines a rugged and sporty crossover with capacity for passengers and luggage enabling you to expand possibilities in life. Your friendly salesperson at the dealership will be able to share more details with you.

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