Yanmar Launches the New Yanmar YH1180 Combine Harvester The Ultimate in Technology from Yanmar

Automotive Press Releases Wednesday October 10, 2018 16:21
Bangkok--10 Oct--Vector Group
Equipped with SmartAssist Remote (SA-R), the New Model is Perfect for Reaping Fallen Crops and Minimizing Grain Waste.

Yanmar, a leader of agricultural technology in Thailand, has launched a new combine harvester, the Yanmar YH1180. Easy to use and more convenient than ever, the combine meet farmers' needs by providing a variety of functions. The new model comes with an improved efficiency during continuous harvest, reaping fallen crops with speed, ensuring the harvest is clean, and most importantly, it works well in puddles; therefore, work time is reduced while revenue is maximized. Unique Yanmar technologies in this model include:

Maru Steering Wheel (Round-type Steering Wheel), to allow easy maneuvering of the combine harvester through the rice field. This makes harvesting rice easier, saves time without damaging the plot, increases the daily harvest area by allowing the operator to go about canal edges, and ultimately contributes to increasing farmers' income. The two-sided crawler controllers work continuously for better harvesting. Navigating with a Round Steering Wheel helps reduce fatigue on the arms. Yanmar pioneered the introduction of round steering wheels for the combine harvester, so that users can navigate just like driving a car. Additionally, while working in puddles, the system continues to power both crawlers to maintain balance, creating a smooth driving experience. This harvester has been developed for greater comfort as it reduces the vibration delivered to the lever, helping to lessen fatigue when working for long periods. Every part has been developed and tested to ensure that all equipment is durable, reducing the need for ongoing repair and maintenance.

Double Rotor System, equipped with a large threshing cradle, allows harvesting at high speed, low grain loss, and excellent seed extraction, resulting in clean and bountiful harvest. The superior quality rotor is able to spread out the harvested crops and load them into the threshing cradle. This procedure allows for rapid harvesting. The rice then proceeds into the threshing process in a 2.3-meter-long cannister where the rice is separated from the stalk. Finally, the rice is passed to the separation compartment to cleanly separate grain from chaff with a high-speed centrifugal cylinder to reduce grain loss.

Sieve Controller is an important part of a clean harvest. Yanmar has developed a proprietary sieve control system for this combine harvester model installed near the control panel close to the driver for convenience. The 5 levels of the Sieve Controller are easy to adjust, resulting in cleaner grain collection, without having to stop the vehicle.

4TNV94HT-ZCNRC Engine is Yanmar's unique technology, and provides continuous high power over long hours of work, with superior fuel efficiency.

SA-R or SmartAssist Remote System allows all functions to be accessible from your mobile phone. Combine harvester users can check the operation of the vehicle, and be notified of irregularities before damage occurs to the combine. Users can also check and track the operation of the combine harvester hourly, allowing them to plan and manage the harvest accurately. In addition, if the vehicle is moved out of a pre-designated area, the system will immediately send a notification to the owner.

The Yanmar YH1180 is priced at 1,590,000 baht. Test drive is available today at a Yanmar dealer near your home. For more information, please call 1638 and get product preview at www.yanmar.com/th/ or our Facebook page: Yanmar Thailand Fanclub.

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