Mercedes-Benz welcomes Holiday Season with up to 30% Parts Discount in Genuine Parts, Genuine Comfort, Genuine Safety After-Sales Campaign

Automotive Press Releases Tuesday November 6, 2018 17:18
Bangkok--6 Nov--Verve

Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited would like to welcome festive season with "Genuine Parts, Genuine Comfort, Genuine Safety", an astonishing after-sales campaign offering up to 30% discount on genuine parts for customers who bring their vehicles to be serviced at any of 32 authorized service centers across Thailand. The campaign starts today to 29 December 2018.

Mr. Putthi Tulayathun, Vice-President of Customer Services, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, began: "Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited always deliver 'THE BEST' to customers and best customer experience in all aspects—including products, innovations, technologies, and after-sales—are incorporated into this unshaken core axiom of ours to ensure customer satisfaction. For the upcoming holiday season, we thus present 'Genuine Parts, Genuine Comfort, Genuine Safety' as a campaign to thank customers for their trust in our flawless after-sales and service programs. To send our wishes during year-end period as well as New Year, Mercedes-Benz is going to present discount from 25 to 30% for suspension system parts as a support for safety and the most comfortable driving experience such as shock absorber, ball joint, control arms, and calipers based on each vehicle's life cycle starting from day of delivery. Customers who own passenger cars of Mercedes-Benz purchased from our authorized distributors (except van models and Vito models) can enjoy this benefit by taking their vehicles in for service at every authorized service center of Mercedes-Benz nationwide."

Customers with total service fees included participating campaign parts from 30,000 Baht will be specially rewarded with "Collapsible Shopping Crate" for perfect arrangement of belongings as it is a foldable shopping box befitted to match with loading compartment at the rear of all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars (availability is subjected to stock last).

"To maximize convenience and flexibility, we have six or ten-month with 0% interest for MercedesCard members who spend at least 30,000 Baht on services, parts, Mercedes-Benz accessories & collection, Wallbox, or Mercedes-Benz Bike. They will also be eligible to receive cash back up to 5,000 baht/person/day and up to 25,000 baht per person throughout the campaign." concluded Mr. Putthi.

Proactive maintenance promotions under "Genuine Parts, Genuine Comfort, Genuine Safety" after-sales campaign are available today to 29 December 2018. For further information, please contact any of 32 authorized service centers of Mercedes-Benz Thailand-wide.

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