TECH Celebrates the 80th Anniversary of the Tire Repair Innovation, Distributed to 95 countries Around the World

Automotive Press Releases Tuesday January 22, 2019 11:00
Bangkok--22 Jan--TECH International (SE ASIA)

Mr. Daniel Gene Layne, chief executive officer, Technical Rubber Company (TRC), presides over the celebration of the 80th year for the brand "TECH" for executives and distributors throughout Asia at Pullman Bangkok King Power.

TECH was founded in 1939 in Ohio, USA and pioneered a Cold Vulcanizing Technology that repaired tires without heat, the technology has been applied in the tire repair process until the present day.
TECH global business is headquartered and managed in Johnstown, Ohio, with group offices in Lisburn, Northern Ireland; Turnhout, Belgium; Rovereto, Italy; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

TECH is one of the companies under management by TRC which is a company with a wide range of brands such as Truflex/PANG(TM)Pang Industry, Salvadori and Quik fix. The main policy that the company adheres to over the past period is to create and apply quality materials to take care and extend the lifespan of the tire to be fully integrated and environmentally friendly.

In addition, TECH also the first company to develop professional tire repair training course for tire technicians and interested person with the goal to be able to analyze and repair the tires correctly, in order to reduce the problem of leakage from the original repair and reduce the accident from the tire explosion caused by improper tire repair.

TECH has developed products and create new innovations continuously, especially Gray Gum Technology, which is the copyright of TECH and the Uni-Seal Ultra which has been tested and recognized as the best and safest for permanent tire patching method for nails hole repair that has gained widespread popularity around the world.

TECH has factories, sales offices and warehouses located around the world including in Thailand, which are both sales offices, customer service centers, training centers and warehouses to distribute products with more than 10,000 items for domestic customers and countries in Southeast Asia.

TECH International (SE ASIA) established in Thailand, is the headquarters of Southeast Asia, under management of Mr. Pairote Suttiprapa, General Manager and his experience team.

Millions of miles of road are traveled globally on passenger and light truck tires that have been repaired by TECH products. When a nail or other debris damages a tire, tire repair shops rely on products from TRC Companies that permanently repair tire damage. Customers can contact the manufacturers and distributors of our products in more than 95 countries around the world. Find TECH nearest you:

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