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Automotive Press Release : 02 Jul 2019

The SECRET DEAL by Volvo that you have been waiting for! Automotive—02 Jul 19

Volvo Cars Thailand announces this year's eagerly awaited "SECRET DEAL" promotional campaign, only available on the weekend of 20th–21st of July 2019 at Volvo Cars showrooms. The "SECRET DEAL" campaign gives customers the chance to enter a lucky

Aluminium China Lightweight Asia 2019 Continue to Spotlight the Advancements in the Automotive Lightweight Industry Automotive—02 Jul 19

SHANGHAI--2 Jul--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Aluminium China and Lightweight Asia 2019, which will be held by Reed Exhibitions July 10-12, will showcase a new chapter in the aluminium industry by exploring the green manufacturing trends involved in the developments and products in diverse industries, especially the automotive industry.

Lightweight Automobiles Are Key
The use of lightweight aluminium vehicles can effectively combine energy savings with emission reductions by adopting new materials for use in their production.

Common lightweight materials are divided into metal and non-metal categories. The metal materials mainly include high strength steel, magnesium and aluminium alloys whereas the non-metals include engineering plastics and composite material.

This year's Asia Automobile Lightweight Trade Fair will include a forum on the Innovative Application of Automotive Lightweight Technology and Related Materials as well as the International Forum on Innovative Application of New Energy Vehicles and Compositesto explore this.

With the growth of lightweight vehicles, the amount of aluminium used per vehicle in China has gradually increased, especially in those for passenger transport.
According to statistics from the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, in 2010 the averag