Mercedes-Benz highlights its global leadership in the automobile industry, bringing as many as 24 models of its luxurious cars to feature in the safe driving event Mercedes-Benz Driving Events 2020 at Bira Circuit in Pattaya.

Automotive Press Releases Thursday February 20, 2020 09:18
Bangkok--20 Feb--Ogilvy Group

Mercedes-Benz Thailand Limited is highlighting its global leadership in the automobile industry with a special program "Mercedes-Benz Driving Events 2020" this event showcases how much effort the company has put into training its employees from all sections about techniques for safe driving and world-class safety innovations in Mercedes-Benz products. The training program was featured by specialists from Australia who worked closely with the participants, in addition to as many as 24 luxury cars from the latest series and all segments ready for the test-driving at Bira Circuit in Pattaya.

Roland Folger, President & CEO of Mercedes Benz (Thailand) Limited, said "Mercedes-Benz has placed an undivided focus on providing our employees with important knowledge. We believe that by providing all of our employees - no matter what department they are from - with a greater understanding of how to drive safely, we are emphasizing to the world that we are a leading company in the industry. On top of the stunning designs and performances, our luxury cars also come equipped with cutting-edge innovations for

utmost safety that we have been striving for. This training program will not only enable our employees to grow a better understanding of how to drive safely and how to cope with an emergency situation on the road, but also give them a chance to test drive and experience a variety of high-performance cars themselves. This activity is to deepen their knowledge and enhance their ability on developed high technology from Mercedes-Benz. Thus, they are equipped with cutting-edge technologies for utmost safety that come equipped with the vehicles, they will truly understand Mercedes-Benz cars and be able to share their understanding with the clients. Also, they will be able to share with the people around them the knowledge on how to drive safely, which helps to avoid or reduce risks of road accidents to a certain extent."

At Bira Circuit in Pattaya, the training took place with several stations provided: driving on a slalom course with high speed to learn more about car control, driving with rapid lane change to learn more about car conditions and control, emergency braking and how speed influences braking distance, and Corner Theory as well as Lead and Follow that allowed participating employees to fully enjoy test-driving the vehicles.

The participants will have first-hand experience of test-driving a variety of Mercedes-Benz cars from different series in a standard field, learning a great deal about how remarkable the vehicles and their safety systems are.

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