Mazda organizes the activity “Pun Suk” for customers and Thai people to overcome the crisis together

Automotive Press Releases Tuesday June 9, 2020 16:35
Bangkok--9 Jun--Mazda Sales (Thailand)

Mazda joins hands with dealers nationwide to set up a “Pun Suk Box” in front of the showroom as a medium for distributing foods and utensils to the community as well as organizing activity under the name “Mazda Pun Suk” during 13 and 14 June 2020 at Mazda showrooms nationwide to provide special offer to customers and medical personnel such as free 90 days drive , 0% interest , THB 100,000 discount , free Mazda premium insurance , free luggage , free labor fee for 5 - year/100,000 km. maintenance, 5-year/ 150,000 km. warranty. Also, we provide with additional public safety measures by spraying disinfectants in every showroom, show cars and every test-drive cars to give customers confidence with measures preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

“Pun Suk Box” is a small box with full of kindness and care, specially arranged to support the customers during the difficult time. Mazda has placed life necessary goods such as rice, dry food and utensils in the box located in front of 133 Mazda showrooms (from total of 140 Mazda showrooms nationwide) that participate in this activity throughout this June to relieve the suffering of people in the community.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “throughout the period of the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand, Mazda has adjusted its business plan to match the situation while creating a specific business plan to prepare to drive the economy after the crisis began to recover. As such, it benefits Mazda to achieve its success by becoming the leader of Japanese brand SUV market in the last April. As this success builds confidence in Mazda’s strategic action plan during the crisis, we started to organize the activity in showroom under the name “MAZDA CX-SERIES DAYS” on the last May 23-24. Within just 2 days, we could achieve the total booking of more than 1,000 units by using the digital platform as the main channel to communicate to the customers and has received a lot of attention from customers who are looking for a new car.”

From the success of MAZDA CX-SERIES DAYS activity, as a result, sales in the past May increased by 58% compared with sales in April, with a total of 1,602 units. The bestseller model is still Mazda2 with 902 units, followed by 386 units of CX-30, 108 units of Mazda3, 95 units CX-5, 42 units of BT-50 Pro, 34 units of CX-8, 33 units of CX-3 and 2 units of MX-5.

“The increase in sales is a positive sign that the car market situation is gradually improving. The increased sales in all segments represents that the need of car purchase still exists. Besides, the pandemic of Coronavirus makes traveling by car becomes the safest way. Also, customer behavior has changes to a new lifestyle on the digital platform which is the new normal lifestyle that customers are more careful when making a purchase. During this time, there is a search for comparing products between brand in every dimension including quality, performance, technology, after sales service, reasonable price and value for money. We have to move to drive the business back to normal as soon as possible.” Mr. Chanchai added.

With the aim of seeing Thai people to overcome the COVID-19 crisis together, Mazda is joining hands with dealers nationwide to distribute assistant to community with “Pun Suk Box” as a medium for sharing between the givers and recipients. We aim to create good memories during difficult time. Mazda dealers are interested in participating the activity and publicize the activity through online channel to invite local people to show their kindness to each other.

At the same time, Mazda continues to share happiness to customers who are interested to reserve Mazda car by organizing a special event “Mazda Pun Suk” to offer special privileges and value to customers who reserve a car with 5,000 Baht can receive a free limited edition luggage valued 4,500 Baht

Mazda2 – 90 – days free drive , free 1-year Mazda Premium insurance 2Mazda3 – 1.99% interest , free 1-year Mazda Premium insurance , 5-year extended warranty/150,000 Km.Mazda CX-3 – 100,000 Baht special discount , free 1-year Mazda Premium insuranceMazda CX-30 – 1.99% interest , free 1-year Mazda Premium insurance , 5-year extended warranty/150,000 Km.Mazda CX-5 – 1.99% interest , free 1-year Mazda Premium insurance , free labor fee for 5-year/100,000 Kilometers periodic maintenance, 5-year extended warranty/150,000 Km.Mazda CX-8 – 1.99% interest , free 1-year Mazda Premium insurance, 5-year extended warranty/150,000 Km.Mazda BT-50 Pro – 90 – days free drive , free 1-year Mazda Premium insuranceMazda MX-5 – free 1-year Mazda Premium insurance , 5-year extended warranty/150,000 Km.

Meanwhile, Mazda is sharing happiness to medical personnel including medical professionals, dentists, veterinarian, nurses, medical technologists, radiologists and pharmacists by offering special privileges for those who reserve Mazda car within June. A maximum interest discount of 0.20% 1 is offered to those who purchase Mazda2 and Mazda BT-50 Pro. A 60-day free drive 1 and an interest discount of up to 0.10% 1 are also offered for other models purchase.

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