Goodyear launches the Eagle F1 Sport, revving up vehicle performance and road handling with the signature Eagle Claw tread design

Automotive Press Releases Wednesday July 15, 2020 13:55
Bangkok--15 Jul--ABM Connect

Goodyear Thailand today announced the official launch of the Eagle F1 Sport, a new member of Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Family. The Eagle F1 Sport is a fun sports tire that provides excellent handling and braking performance, targeted at driving enthusiasts. It features a signature Eagle Claw tread design and ActiveControl Technology, which provide outstanding stability around corners and optimized steering response. The new offer also delivers superior braking on both wet and dry surfaces thanks to its DynamicBraking Technology while ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride for passengers.

Following the success of its predecessor, the Eagle F1 Directional 5, the Eagle F1 Sport is designed to further upgrade a vehicle’s performance potential. Customized for mid-sized performance cars, the Eagle F1 Sport is also a perfect fit for the sports version of passenger cars, making the everyday drive more exciting through improved handling and braking performance.

Ryan Patterson, Goodyear Asia-Pacific President, commented: “In Asia Pacific, we are seeing huge potential in the sports tire market, with a compound annual growth rate of over 10% year-on-year in the next five years. In particular, the mid segment represents 40% of that market. With this exciting momentum behind us, Goodyear is really excited to launch the Eagle F1 Sport, the latest iteration of the mid sports line, to meet and exceed drivers’ demands across the region.”

“As driving enthusiasts know, the Eagle F1 family is Goodyear’s premium sports line. As an addition to the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 and Eagle F1 SuperSport lines, which are already in the market targeting the UHP and U-UHP tire segments, the brand-new Eagle F1 Sport is an entry-level fun sports tire designed to 'Rev Up Your Performance' during everyday drive,” Patterson added.

With consumer needs at the heart of its design, the newly launched Eagle F1 Sport brings improved performance features and benefits in three key areas:

Precision Steering and Outstanding Driving StabilityEagle Claw Tread Design: Eagle Claw Tread pattern, with large outside shoulder blocks, maximizes shoulder contact patch to allow optimum transmission of steering inputs and improves stability and responsiveness during cornering maneuvers.ActiveControl Technology: Enhanced cavity shape with high stiffness, light weight belt component increases tire stiffness to maintaining a stable footprint allowing direct force transmissionSuperior Braking on Wet And Dry RoadsEagle Claw Tread Design: Eagle Claw Tread pattern with optimized edge and sipe layout with strong shoulder blocks optimizes stiffness distribution and stability during braking maneuvers.DynamicBraking Technology 1: High silica loaded tread compound with upgraded polymer matrix enhances chemical and material blending for performance optimization and leads to effective braking with superior grip performance on both wet and dry roads.DynamicBraking Technology 2: Enhanced cavity shape achieves a larger and more squarish footprint and more even pressure distribution that maximizes road contact patch for effective braking performance.More Comfortable and Quieter RideClosed tread pattern with narrow lateral grooves and an adjusted sipe geometry design reduces noise generated by air pumping on tread surface and therefore reduces interior noise for a more comfortable and quieter ride.Built with noise dampening rubber strips between the ply and the liner, the new offer lowers radiating noise from the tire structure, and reduces interior noise for a more comfortable and quieter ride.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport is available in 15 to 19 rim diameters in 22 sizes. Its target fitment includes the sports version of passenger cars, such as the Honda CIVIC 1.5 Turbo and Ford Focus and mid-sized performance cars like the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0TSI.

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