Nestle sets to penetrate premium growing up milk segment with the launch of BEAR BRAND ADVANCE Protextion

Business Press Releases Tuesday September 26, 2006 10:05
  • Highlighting on Lactobacillus PROTEXTUSTM with is a new blend of healthy bacterias and its benefit on immunity enhancement
  • Setting aside 100 million baht marketing budget during the launch campaign

Nestle, the world’s leader in growing up milk industry, plans to launch 3 formulas under the new BEAR BRAND ADVANCE Protextion System with aims to gain the shares of premium powdered milk segment with continuous growth of around 22% by highlighting on “Lactobacillus PROTEXTUSTM – healthy bacteria” for immunity enhancement for children between 1-6 years old.   The company will utilize integrated marketing communication strategies to educate the consumers during the launch period.   It’s confident that it would be able to generate sales of 2,600 million baht during the first year launch and increase Nestle’s total market share to 52% to reiterate its leadership in the growing up milk market.

Pattanai Luangtrakul, Category Marketing Manager – Children Nutrition, Nestle (Thai) Ltd. said regarding its business plan during the second half of this year that the company has introduced the new powdered milk system including BEAR BRAND ADVANCE Protextion 1 Plus, 3 Plus and 5 Plus for the children from 1 year old, 3 years old and from 5 years old upward respectively.   The new powdered milk products are the new nutritional innovation developed by Nestle Research Center in Switzerland. This new powdered milk products add “Lactobacillus PROTEXTUSTM”-healthy bacteria which help to enhance immunity system and balance bowel system leading to strong and healthy body.

Pattanai said that the company has positioned the new BEAR BRAND ADVANCE Protextion in the premium growing up powdered milk segment, which is different in its benefits and added dietary ingredients from BEAR BRAND ADVANCE and Carnation powdered milk products in the standard segment.   It aims to expand its customer base to the premium segment where the new generation parents pay more attention to the selection of milk products for their children. They are willing to buy premium products which serve their wish in keeping their children strong and healthy resulting in the continuous positive market growth each year.

During the first half (January-June) of 2006, the growth rate of premium growing up powdered milk segment was estimated to be around 22% accounted for the market value of 1,100 million baht or 28% of the total growing up powdered milk market with the value of ~7,800 million baht per year.   Nestle (Thai) Ltd. is the leader with 49% shares of the total growing up milk market where BEAR BRAND Advance shared about 31% and Carnation Powdered Milk shared 18%.

The unique selling point and the key benefit of BEAR BRAND ADVANCE Protextion lie toward its key dietary ingredient, “Lactobacillus PROTEXTUSTM“-healthy bacteria which helps enhance the immune system.   In addition, the new products contain high nutritional elements that are key to the development of children in each age group.   For example, BEAR BRAND ADVANCE Protection 1 Plus and 3 Plus respectively contain Prebio 1 and Prebio 3, the natural dietary fiber from Oligofructose and Innulin, DH+ (fatty acid from fish oil) and Omeg 369 whereas BEAR BRAND ADVANCE Protection 5 Plus contains Calci-N, the special formulated calcium from natural milk and Omeg 369.

Pattanai added that during the introductory period, the company has set aside 100 million baht to promote the products via the integration of marketing communication strategies.   “Above the Line” communication includes print advertising in the newspapers and magazines, and the launch of new 30-second TV commercial using cartoon animation under the creative concept to convey the understanding of the mothers’ most desired wish to nurture and protect their children leading to the development of new innovative product to enhance the children immunity to enable them to learn and face the challenges.   The new TV commercial is scheduled to be on air from September 25, 2006 onward.

“Below the line” communication will emphasize on the public relations and educational programs to build up awareness at the point of purchase with over 100 Nutrition Advisors giving the customers advice on children nutrition and development, in-store activities, POP materials, and CRM activities including the launch of BEAR BRAND Can Do Club to strengthen the member relationships.   The club activities comprise the advice by nurse and child development experts, road show seminars and On-line Club.

“The 3 formulas of BEAR BRAND ADVANCE Protextion System are now available in the market through supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesalers, retailers and drugstores throughout the country.   We are confident that our new powdered milk products will gain a positive response from the consumers and able to achieve the sales target of 2,600 million baht during the first year leading to the increase in total growing up powdered milk market share of Nestle to 52%”, said Pattanai.

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