“ICHITAN” returns “ICHITAN Sudden Rich 60 Days 60 Million” with 1,230 pcs. of iPhone 5 – the most iPhone 5 giveaway ever. Expect to become a leader of RTD Green Tea market.

Business Press Releases Wednesday February 20, 2013 15:44
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ICHITAN is ready for this coming summer, planning to spend at least 180 MB on the promotional campaign of the year “ICHITAN Sudden Rich 60 Days 60 Millions Return” with the additional reward of 1,230 pcs. of iPhone 5, aims to boost up 1,500 MB sales within 3 months.

The Competition in beverage market has been very intense and expected to be more aggressive this year.ICHITAN group, then, launches “ICHITAN Sudden Rich 60 Days 60 Million Return” to emphasize its leading innovator of Thailand talk-of-the-town mobile lucky draws campaign, and prepare 1,230 iPhone 5 as the second prize. This entailed the most iPhone 5 giveaway promotional campaign ever the world.

Mr. Tan Passakornnatee, President & CEO of ICHITAN Group Co., Ltd. revealed

“The response from the first “ICHITAN Sudden Rich 60 Days 60 Millions” was far beyond expected, though launched during low season. As a result, ICHITAN Green Tea’s market share reached No.1 for 4 months during the campaign period last year. This phenomenal was very skeptical for a young born product of only 1.5 years like ICHITAN. We have to thank every consumer who made this campaign possible and importantly meaningful to the lucky 60 millionaires.

The success of this campaign was derived from in-depth study on consumers’ behaviors conducted by our marketing team together combined with mobile technology and lotto loving of Thai people, creating a complete convenient (easy to play & free of charge at 24 hours) marketing innovation via mobile.

Mr. Tanapan Khongnuntha, Executive Vice President, Beverage Business of ICHITAN Group Co., Ltd. said that highlight of “ICHITAN Sudden Rich 60 Days 60 Million Return” is the number of prizes and excited by just simply press *488* and 10-digits code under the cap or inside the box of ICHITAN Green tea, Double drink, and Yen Yen by ICHITAN, then press # and send button (example *488*1234567890#send). Applicable to all mobile operators at free of charge (no 3 baht charged for SMS sending), 24 hours a day, every day, announcing results Monday through Friday.

Lucky Round 1: Get the first prize of 1 million baht worth of gold for 60 days, valued 60 million baht in total, on a day-to-day drawing basis, and second prize of 10 iPhone 5. Special Bonus draw on day 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, extra 100 sets of iPhone5 will be included in reward list.

Lucky Round 2: One sending code will be valid for 2 times. If missed on the first drawing, keep the lid or box for a chance of winning 100 sets of iPhone 5 on June 3, 2013.

Another extraordinary of ICHITAN prizes is 200,000 SF Movies tickets giveaway on the 1st day drawing, applicable to every branch nationwide, worth more than 30 million baht, only for the entries sending code before 2 p.m. on March 1. Simply show SMS of Round 1 result announcement at Box Office on March 2 and 3, 2013 (Valid for this 2 days only)

Join “ICHITAN Sudden Rich 60 Days 60 Million Return” throughout the country from February 25 to June 3, 2013. For every lucky drawing day sent the code before 2 p.m., participants can check the result via SMS from 5 p.m. onward or through www.facebookcom/ichitan, ww.ichitandrink.com.

Mr. Tan Passakornnatee, summarized that “The return of ICHITAN sudden rich 60 days 60 million is another intention and endeavor that may enhance the chance of ICHITAN to be a continuous market leader with sales target not less than 1,500 million baht during the promotion period by adding a big hit of more than 1,290 prizes worth more than 90 million baht, and other special 200,000 bonuses worth not less than 30 million baht. The most important is our readiness in all aspects. This time, ICHITAN has a full confidence in providing lucky codes underneath every cap and inside every box. If any ICHITAN products contain no codes, we will accept the return throughout the country. Start sending the code from February 25 to June 3, 2013

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