Malee Group sets a new business direction to become a Health-Driven Global FB firm using a 4R Strategy

Business Press Releases Wednesday July 19, 2017 14:44
Bangkok--19 Jul--ABM

Malee Group is making yet another major move in its 40 years of operation, investing 1,500 million baht to transform its business from a "Fruit Juice Producer" to a "Health-Driven Global F&B firm" serving consumers worldwide by 2021. The company is using a 4R strategy – Rebrand, Reorganize, Renovate, and Reconnect – to strengthen itself internally and externally for broader domestic and international reach. Malee Group plans to offer healthy products to meet the specific demands of consumers in different countries around the world.

Ms. Roongchat Boonyarat, Chief Operating Officer of Malee Group Public Co., Ltd., said, "Our business is refocusing from being a fruit juice producer, which most people currently perceive us as, to become a Health-Driven Global F&B firm by 2021. As we believe that good health is a foundation for better living and the happiest life, we will be even more committed to doing our best to take care of the health of consumers all around the world.

"Over the past few years, Malee's international business, in both our own brand and contract manufacturing (CMG), exports to more than 40 countries including the CLMV region, China, Philippines, and the United States, and has grown by 30 to 40%. This business unit plays a key role as a growth driver for Malee Group. Our new mission in moving forward is to enhance Malee Group's potential to become a Health-Driven Global F&B firm through a 4R strategy focusing on building business readiness from the inside out," she added.

4R Strategy to become a Health-Driven Global F&B Firm

First R - Rebrand: Malee was widely known in Thailand for nearly 40 years as "Malee Sampran" before changing to "Malee Group" in 2016. Under this part of the strategy, the company is changing its corporate brand identity to be more modern and reflect Malee's status as an international brand. The new corporate brand identity communicates Malee's uniqueness as a global producer of healthy food and beverages under its "Growing Well Together" concept, as the company aims for sustainable growth along with its consumers, employees, farmers, and the environment, all which have been important for the company over the past 40 years.

In addition to the new corporate brand identity for Malee Group, the company will also continue to refresh its product portfolio including categorizing the current product group, redesigning packaging, and new product development in alignment with the company's direction of focusing on health-driven products.

Second R – Reorganize: Malee is preparing for future growth with an organization-wide restructuring. Executives will be repositioned for more effective performance, while staff will be selected and given responsibilities that best fit their competencies, positioning the company to unlock the full potential of its workforce through a blend of skills and experience. A staff development program will address areas including: 1) Enhancing employees' skills and potential at every level while more tightly integrating information technology into simplified work processes; 2) Setting up new functional lines such as Business Development and International Business to support Malee's global brand initiative and operations; and 3) Motivating employees by encouraging collaboration and building trust, backed by a commitment to success.

Third R – Renovate: Malee Group has allocated an investment budget of over 1,500 million baht to improve its workplace, production facilities and machinery, and work processes including production processes based on breakthrough technology, advanced R&D tools, and a product quality control system, while also improving its back office systems for greater efficiency and effectiveness. This program also covers: 1) Modernizing the factory master plan to save costs and ensure greater efficiency; 2) Investing in the latest production facilities and machinery to increase annual production capacity from 300 million liters to 330 million liters per year as an initial step to be prepare for growth of domestic and overseas market demand; 3) Improving the Back Office by developing more comprehensive IT systems, a CRM system, and using data mining to enhance employees' working efficiency; and 4) Renovating its headquarters to ensure employees' happiness at work under the concept of "making the office their second home." Improvements to the office facilities include a proper division of working zones and relaxation zones, and an air conditioning system that ventilates air to the outside to provide better health for employees.

Fourth R – Reconnect: Malee is reconnecting with consumer demands in different markets for variety and rapid change by strengthening and developing its collaboration with leading partners who have considerable expertise in different areas, such as new product development, R&D for production technology, developing sales channels. Some examples that have already been implemented are Monde Nissin Corporate, a leading consumer goods producer in the Philippines; and Mega Lifesciences, a producer of pharmaceutical and health products.

Malee Group's new forms of collaboration will enhance the company's aim to reach out to and connect with consumers more quickly and effectively, while increasing its agility to meet changing market environments and consumer demands.

"We expect our 4R strategy will successfully make Malee widely recognized as a 'Health-Driven Global F&B firm' by 2021, strengthening 'Malee' products position as the leading health products of choice among domestic and international consumers, which is a significant fundamental for our company's sustainable growth," concluded Ms. Roongchat.

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