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Business Press Releases Friday August 11, 2017 15:32
Bangkok--11 Aug--ABM

Soap & Glory introducing a new range of trouble-shooting face masks: a power-filled team that together make…The Mask Force Using innovative new technologies, you can get a fun and fabulous step closer to complexion perfection. They're beautiful, they're brilliant and they work for Soap & Glory

1. Constantly battling tired eyes? Deploy… Puffy Eye Attack™ (150 Baht)
Super-hydrating under –eye brightening hydrogel patches
Soothes, refreshes and de-puffs!
Late night fighting crime?* These super-hydrating under-eye patches work while you rest. Contains what you need to say goodb-eye to that morning-after look:
PUFFEASE™ technology – a tetrapeptide, proven to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness
LIQUORICE ROOT extract – for skin brightening
CUCUMBER FRUIT JUICE extract – instant moisture infusion
*or staying up watch just 'one more episode'
2. Seeing is believing, with… What A Peeling™ (190 Baht)
Purifying de-clog mask

Yes, this mask is totally hard pore (just like you). Liquid gel transforms into a lift-off paper strip to smooth, purify and remove all gunk and junk in one go – it's so a-peeling! Our multi-tasking mask is power-packed with amazing ingredients including:

KAOLIN and BENTONITE fine clay powders to help absorb excess oil
WHITE WILLOW BARK known for its benefits to oily skin
VITAMIN C for tired complexions
Scented with exotic tropical fruit
A one-peel wonder!
3. Shine-free skin always a chore? Introducing…The Fab Pore™ (150 Baht)
Skin-Smoothing pore-refining mask
Get into the Smooth!
The quick and easy facial for instant pore-fection, this refreshing skin-smoothing face mask is packed with pore-refining and problem-solving ingredients for a fresh and healthy-looking complexion:
GOTU KOLA extract
For oily/ combination skin
4. No one need know she was stressed out, partied out and altogether too much out out thanks to…Bright + Beautiful™ (150 Baht)
Party recovery radiance-boosting mask.When you just gotta glow for it!
That's bright, girl – packed with a cocktail of skin-boosting ingredients, our multi-tasking miracle worker is a speedy solution for dull, tired and stressed-looking complexions with:
WHITE FLOWER brightening complex with extracts of tiger lily, lotus flower, cherry blossom, chamomile and cape jasmine
GOTU KOLA extract
FLATTERSHERES™ - radiance boosters to help illuminate and brighten the skin
For dull, lacklustre skin
5. Dry as she might, she never found hydration to get her plumping for joy – until…Speed Plump™ (150 Baht)
Super-hydrating miracle moisture mask
A treat for dry/dehydrated skin. Delicate sweet orange peel scent
Our turbo boost hydrogel mask is an instant hydration sensation. The two-piece mask contains super-nourishing moisturisers that will quench dry skin and give a juicy-fresh orange scent:
HYALURONIC ACID – renowned for improving skin hydration and helping maintain suppleness
PINK FLOWERPOWER-3™ Complex, containing:
  • SAFFLOWER extract
  • PEONY FLOWER extract PANTHENOL – for skin conditioningALLANTOIN – for soothing skin
EASY-TO-FIT two piece mask
Soap & Glory Mask Force5 available exclusively at Boots – from 10 August 2017 onwards.#MASKFORCEFIVE

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