The simply beautiful skin assistant for modern women With versatile nourishing gel POSITIF NOURISHING ALL-IN-ONE GEL

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Easy skin care to urgently revive damaged skin

The skin's health problems is what most people encounter, when the routine lives have changed so much, everything surrounding us is all rush. The damaged skin directly affects to the beauty. Anyone having premature aging, dull, and gloomy skin is charmless and unattractive. Today, we would like to present how to easily revive fatigued skin.

Fatigued skin causes
The main causes having affected to skin and health are stress and the lack of rest.
Hot to easily recover the fatigued facial skin with good result
1. Try to avoid stress. Be optimism. Refresh your mind.
2. Avoid exposure to the sun can help reducing wrinkles and dull skin.
3. Eat fruits, vegetables and healthy foods which are good to your body and skin to enhance healthiness.
4. Drink enough water every day to restore moisture to the skin as well as refresh the body.
5. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, the causes of skin damage.
6. Exfoliate the skin or get skin treatment at least 1-2 times/week for skin rejuvenation
and remove dead skin cells.
7. Daily skin care will help your skin far from all wrinkles, and also look younger.
Living Life Beautifully in POSITIF style

POSITIF, as the high quality product developer according to Japanese industrial standard, has strived and good intention to develop highest quality products delivered to customers the best beauty and healthy products to cherish both body and soul to be healthy, strong and happy every day. POSITIF is prominent in the innovation from Japan. The brand has cooperated with a Japanese leading Research and developing institute having over 70 years experiences in creating precious products by carefully selecting effective ingredients from nature (Japan Secret Ingredient) such as Botanical power into the genuinely skincare innovation. We believe that the true beauty begins at cleanness, strong, and healthiness from within, in order to fulfill happiness in living your life, and turn every day into a beautiful day.

Today, POSITIF would like to introduce POSITIF NOURISHING ALL-IN-ONE GEL, the nourishing product for radiant and aglow skin, dewy look, boosting your beauty, and enhancing liveliness to healthy skin all in one every woman should owned.


A lightweight skincare gel that penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin with Canola Flower Extract leave your skin feel soften, non-sticky, increases moisture to the skin with Squalane extracted from deep sea shark liver and Hyaluronic Acid to help skin smooth, soft and radiant.

Size & Price : 30g, 900 Bht
Precious ingredients

· Squalane is a liquid extracted from livers of deep sea shark, found only in the sharks living at depths greater than 1500m and not found in shallow water sharks. Squalane helps in promoting our natural oil, tighten skin, no wrinkle, look younger, and also antioxidant.

· Rapeseed Flowers Extract prevents the movement of melanin to Epidermis layer due to UV stimulation, and inhibit the melanin pigmentation producing at Melanosome catalyzed by Tyrosinase enzyme, whiten the skin, reduce Melasma , dark spots, and freckles.

· Hyaluronic acid has its property in holding water. It helps in moisturizing and making skin look radiant. Help in making skin a radiant and hydrating look, reducing antioxidant, UV screening, repairing destroyed skin cells. Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark spot and firmer skin.

How to use
· Apply on face, neck, and chest areas regularly, every day and night.
· As a night mask, you can apply a thick layer of cream evenly to your face.
The best choice of beautiful and healthy skin is POSITIF NOURISHING ALL-IN-ONE GEL distributed today

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