Nithi Foods Goes through Export Market, ฿20M Invested for a New Factory,

Business Press Releases Friday September 15, 2017 16:01
Bangkok--15 Sep--Modernteer

Nithi Foods Company Limited is awarded the PRIME MINISTER'S EXPORT AWARD 2017 for the Best Thai Brand. Seeing that foreign market still is an opportunity for Thai food products because of its unique flavor and popularity, it is preparing to expand into overseas markets, from the market share of only 10% to total sales of 500 million baht by 2020, whilst the budget of 20 million baht is set aside to build a 1,500-square-meter factory to support the expansion and increase the production capacity of at least 900 tons per year. In addition, new formulas are devised as dessert ingredients, targeting at 9-12 year olds who start cooking activities.

?? Mr. Smith Taweelerdniti, Managing Director of Nithi Foods Company Limited, after receiving the PRIME MINISTER'S EXPORT AWARD 2017 for the Best Thai Brand of "Pocket Chef" seasoning, said that he is very proud of this award because it is a guarantee sign that our products are of a quality making the customers more confident in his products. At the same time, he sees that the overseas food market still has a huge growth opportunity for Thai products, as Thailand is a country with the wisdom of cooking and making it the world's top-rated and well-known tastes. However, it depends on the way the product is presented and created by an entrepreneur how to satisfy a consumer. The company's product innovation not only reduces the labor-induced problems of resignation or displacement of skilled cooks, resulting in unstable tastes by trainee cooks, but also makes it possible to control the standard of taste, costs, invent new formulas, and provide convenience to consumers. It can also reduce the cost to restaurant operators, because simply using this product, the food taste will become delicious. Looking on the kid's cooking trend, the marketing plan focuses on target children aged 9-12 who are initially skilled in cooking with advice from their parents.

In addition, for product development, the technology has been adapted to the production process and communication through online channels to facilitate communication with consumers, thus investing in software development and organization management are conducted in parallel offline. This includes a plan to build a new manufacturing and packaging plant in 2018 with an area of 1,500 square meters, which will increase production capacity to at least 900 tons per year, with a budget of over 20 million baht. For overseas market expansion, it has partnered with dealers in various countries, including ASEAN, China, Europe, focusing on the development of product formulas and packaging to suit the behavior of each country. It will begin to export more this year to achieve a higher proportion, from the original just 10%. Domestic and foreign sales are set to reach 500 million in 2020.

The award-winning Pocket Chef has two concepts. The first concept is the "Pocket", which is like a small and easy-to-carry bag, and the second one is the "Chef" who creates the menu. When combined, it means to have a chef in your pocket that can make delicious food easily with 8 recipes such as garlic, shrimp fried rice, spicy soup, green curry, and so on.

However, in the future, other formulas will be developed as raw materials for desserts such as jelly, pudding or cake, as well as other cooking flour, to cover consumption behaviors in the market.?

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