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Business Press Releases Wednesday October 4, 2017 11:52
Bangkok--4 Oct--KOBFAH PR Agency

As being known, the flawless, healthy, and beautiful skin is what everyone more desires and values due to its attractive fascination. Thus, many people have searched for various methods, such as the intimate friends' suggestion. Self-studying, etc., However, the first thing is to be healthy and beautiful from the inside. And the easy way is to eat best foods for good skin, exercises along with your routine nourishing cream. But sometimes there might be some neglect because of time constraints, and lack of regularly discipline. So we should look for products to be as skincare assistant that can respond and suit to our lifestyles at best, meanwhile, ensures us of the safety, provide satisfactory results and no side effects at all.

Living Life Beautifully in POSITIF Style

POSITIF, as the high quality products' developer according to Japanese industrial standards, has its commitment and goodwill to develop highest quality products delivered to customers the best beauty and healthy products to cherish both body and soul to be healthy, strong and happy every day. POSITIF is prominent in the innovation from Japan. Our brand has cooperated with a Japanese leading Research and developing institute having over 70 years experiences in creating precious products by carefully selecting the natural effective ingredients (Japan Secret Ingredient) such as Botanical power into the genuinely skincare innovation. We believe that the true beauty begins at cleanness, strong, and healthiness from within, in order to fulfill happiness in living your life, and turn every day to be a beautiful day.

POSITIF today would like to introduce the Healthy Beautiful Skin Assistant from within, being convenient, safe, simple, and suitable to presently lifestyle.

Lycopene dietary supplement is Japanese tomato extract, a powerful antioxidants, combined with Tocotrienol to help protect your skin from UV light, decelerate aging, nourish skin to achieve a radiant look, smooth, and consistent skin tone, naturally healthy look, and reduce the risk of Prostate cancer.

Significant ingredients

Tomato Extract is a substance in the Carotenoid group having antioxidant properties, helps to prevent the deterioration of cells in our body. Helps protect the skin from pollution, and importantly, Lycopene can improve blood circulation on facial area, so-called Rosy complexion, brighten and make skin lively, healthy, and pink blush.

Tocotrienol belongs to vitamin E family so it has the same properties as vitamin E in term of an antioxidant, plays the important role to the strength of the cardiovascular system, and prevents arteriosclerosis by inhibiting oxidative damage.

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