LAWSON 108 offers an array of healthy meatless options during Vegetarian Festival

Business Press Releases Friday October 6, 2017 10:06
Bangkok--6 Oct--Inspire Communications

Saha Lawson Company Limited, the operator of "LAWSON 108" premium Japanese convenience store chain in Thailand, welcomes the Vegetarian Festival with a tantalizing array of both savory and sweet vegetarian menu items such as vegetarian bento, vegetarian onigiri, vegetarian oden, which is being offered for the very first time in Thailand only at LAWSON 108 stores, and daifuku. These specially prepared vegetarian menu items are offered at affordable prices and available from October 17-28, 2017 at all 92 LAWSON 108 stores nationwide.

Vegetarian menu lineup exclusively available at LAWSON 108 stores
Vegetarian Stir-fried Minced Pork with Yellow Curry Paste Bento 45 Baht
Vegetarian Stir-fried Minced Pork and Basil with Rice 45 Baht
Vegetarian Chinese Vegetable Stew Bento 45 Baht
Vegetarian Stir-fried Longevity Noodles Bento 45 Baht
Kombu and Seasoning Oba Onigiri 30 Baht
Pickled Cabbage Onigiri 30 Baht
Vegetarian Fish Ball Oden 8 Baht
Vegetarian Fish Tofu Oden 8 Baht
Vegetarian Nest-shaped Pork Oden 8 baht
Vegetarian Mushroom Ball Oden 8 Baht
Vegetarian Oyster Mushroom Oden 8 Baht
Vegetarian Konnyaku White Roll Oden 8 Baht
Red Bean Daifuku 19 Baht
Matcha-Red Bean Filling Daifuku 19 Baht

Apart from these vegetarian options, there are also many other tasty menu items awaiting you at LAWSON 108 stores. For updates on new products and promotions from LAWSON 108, please visit

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