est Rolls Out Three Powerful Strategies To Strengthen Its Position as the Brand for the New Generation Offers an innovative prize option that will shake the CSD Market in 2018

Business Press Releases Friday February 23, 2018 17:17
Bangkok--23 Feb--ABM

est, a CSD brand from Thai Drinks Co. that is very popular among Thai youths, was the only CSD brand to record positive growth of 2.8% in 2017, compared to negative 4.1% growth for the total CSD market, and capturing 10.5% market share. During 2018, est will maintain its momentum by investing 500 million baht to implement its three "ZAA ZEED Powerful" strategies for youth. The first strategy is "Insights Power," with a new TVC based on insights that drive online conversations about social value. The second strategy is "Innovation Power," with the launch of "drinking Bingsu" targeting double-digit growth in the flavored CSD segment. The third strategy is "Summer Promotion Power," a campaign offering the "prize of my choice," giving consumers a chance to win in a 1,000-prize extravaganza worth a total of 27 million baht. The promotion will serve up the summer's hottest prize selections, including a exclusive trip to the GOT7 World Tour concert in New York; a chance to win one of 200 new cars; and exclusive photo books signed by all GOT7 members. GOT7's fans, also known as Ahgases, will also enjoy collecting limited-edition est packaging with 42 different designs featuring members of the band.

Mrs. Jesdakorn Ghosh, Senior Vice President of Thai Drinks Co., Ltd., said, "In 2017, the carbonated soft drinks, or CSD, market was very competitive while consumer purchasing power was stagnant. The overall CSD market, worth 50,000 million baht, experienced negative growth of 4.1%. However, est went against the tide, achieving 2.8% growth during 2017. est was the only CSD brand that saw solid sales growth last summer, thanks to overwhelming consumer support for last summer's promotion that offered the 'prize of my choice,' as well as our innovative 'drinking Bingsu' with two mixed fruit flavors in one. Our est Play Grapeberry ranked Number 1 in terms of sales and growth in the flavored CSD segment, bringing the new generation to the segment and driving quintuple-digit growth for est Play compared to the same period of the previous year. est Play is now poised to become the Number 2 flavored CSD in the Modern Trade channel."

est's impressive performance led to the highest engagement of all non-alcoholic drinks and the highest score among new-generation consumers in every category surveyed. This includes the brand with Good taste (from 48 to 56), being a Cool brand (from 53 to 57), a Refreshing brand (from 58 to 60), and being the Brand for Me (from 45 to 60).

Three Powerful Strategies with a 500 Million Baht Budget to Shake Up Thailand's CSD Market in 2018

Mrs. Jesdakorn explained: "To continue on est's successful journey, we will do our fullest to win in the year 2018 with three 'ZAA ZEED Powerful' strategies: 1) Insights Power: Only est can respond to teens' insights by bringing them closer to their idols. The 'est cola zaa-zeed-sud-kua, muan-i-lee with GOT7' campaign (which means super fizzy, super fun with GOT7) connects Thai consumers to GOT7, the most popular boy band, which has brought a new look and offers a higher level of enjoyment by doing both Korean and Thai-style dancing; 2) Innovation Power: est continues leading with innovation by bringing 'drinking Bingsu' to the market in response to the popularity of Bingsu, a Korean-style shaved ice dessert, among Thai teens. est Play launched two new flavors - 'est Play Melon Bingsu' and 'est Play Mango Bingsu,' and both rocked the market with their outstanding success after only one month. They became the Number 2 and Number 3 best-selling flavors in the convenience store channel, and have the potential to drive est Play's growth to hit double digits this year."

"Strategy 3) Summer Promotion Power: This continues from last summer's campaign that let consumers choose their preferred prize. This summer's promotion is a much greater extravaganza, with double the entries for online submissions to win one of over 1,200 prizes worth a total of 27 million baht. Consumers can press Button 1 for a exclusive trip to a GOT7 World Tour concert in New York; Button 2 for one of 200 Toyota Yaris ATIVs or Yamaha QBIX motorcycles; or Button 3 for one of 1,000 exclusive photo books signed by all members of GOT7. Also, fans won't want to miss the limited-edition packaging available only during the summer, with 42 designs featuring the members of GOT7 on various sizes of est packaging. est will also keep our edge in connecting online with Thai youths by offering a hologram experience via a mobile application, so fans can enjoy up-close moments with GOT7 in virtual form."

"We are confident these three powerful strategies will expand our brand love among Thai teens, strengthening the est brand while driving its popularity higher, as well as bringing excitement to the CSD market this summer, which will continue until the end of 2018," concluded Mrs. Jesdakorn.

To participate in est's summer campaign, which runs from 15 February until 31 May 2018, simply send the code under the cap of est cola or est Play through one of three channels: 1) Press *759* on your mobile device followed by the code under the cap, then press # and call; 2) Use the est mobile application; or 3) Visit the website To choose your preferred prize, press 1 for the GOT7 World Tour concert in New York; press 2 for one of 200 cars; or press 3 for an exclusive photo book signed by GOT7. Don't miss doubling your chance to win by submitting the code via online channels. For more information, please visit

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