Power Buy spearheads Omni-channel marketing, 2017 sales hit THB 17.15 billion, 8% growth, 2017 online business target at 5% of total internet sales, redoubles seamless shopping experience strategy

Business Press Releases Thursday April 5, 2018 13:14
Bangkok--5 Apr--

Power Buy has announced that its overall 2017 sales witnessed an 8% growth. Revealing its business operation plan, the company said it is investing 700 million baht, opening 10 more stores, rejuvenating 20, reinforcing Omni-channel and services to customers as it targets a sales growth of 10%. Furthermore, the company is building on its already successful Omni-channel sales and seamlessly linking online and offline shopping to offer the best customer experience anywhere anytime.

Power Buy is a company under the Central Group umbrella and the most trusted, leading distributer of electrical appliances, IT gadgets and electronic devices. It operates 94 stores nationwide and provides a convenient online shopping service through its www.powerbuy.co.th website.

Mr. Laurent Pauze, President of Power Buy Co., Ltd., revealed that the firm witnessed sales of 17.15 billion baht – a robust 8% growth compared to the previous year.

"The company achieved this growth despite the fact that the country's overall economy and the market outlook for electrical appliances and technology products was not in an upbeat mood, seeing only 2% growth," he said. "Power Buy is continuously improving its customer experience thanks to additional services and a frictionless omni-channel approach. The company recently launched a new online service called Power Buy Click & Collect, which allows customers to buy, collect or return their items at their convenience, online or in store without having to pay any fee for the service. Click& Collect has proven to be a success, with more than 25 per cent of customers shopping online with Power Buy using this new service. Customers have widely adopted the new features that make their purchase experience simpler, faster and more adapted to their personal lifestyle. These factors contribute to our significant growth in sales. The online platform www.powerbuy.co.th in 2017 witnessed strong growth, proving that customers trust our name on this channel as well.

Mr. Pauze believes the market outlook for electrical appliances, IT gadgets, mobile phones and gadgets in 2018 can continue to grow thanks to consumer purchasing behavior as they are ready to spend money buying electrical appliances, mobile phones and IT gadgets with newer technology at more reasonable pricing. Consumers also want products that cater to their convenience. In 2017, Power Buy's bestselling products were televisions, mobile phones, and air-conditioners, respectively.

Power Buy aims to make sales of 18.9 billion baht – a 10% growth – in 2018 compared with that of 2017, while the firm expects to continue increasing its online sales to account for 5% of total Power Buy sales. The company has an investment budget of 700 million baht to be used, among other things, for strengthening its Omni-channel experience through 94 stores nationwide and via online shopping; it is also boosting its sales and aftersales services run by high-quality professional teams. More innovative products including electrical appliances, IT gadgets and mobile phones, which offer maximum efficiency and cater to today's lifestyle, will be offered to meet customer demand. The company plans to increase the number of its stores by 10 and renovate another 20 stores. The company's business operation plan for 2018 places focus on following the policies of Central Group, which is the Digi-Lifestyle Platform leader as it strives to give customers the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest and thereby conquer every customer's heart.

Said Mr. Pauze: "Power Buy's most important strategy is customer-centricity, which is to understand customers, meet their needs and demands by seamlessly linking their online and offline shopping experience: we aim at creating a customer journey that fits with their life and lifestyle. The company also presents a complete sales and aftersales services offer in Thailand that includes providing free installation and delivery regardless of where the customer is, and guarantees installation for 180 days. Our aftersales service teams are professionals who deliver excellent services thanks to training, customers' feedback and quality control. This is key to Power Buy's success in retaining the trust of our customers."

Power Buy reinforces its presence on air-conditioner market, highlighting inverter tech which saves money and electricity.

"The high season for the air-conditioner market is from March to May each year," Mr. Pauze noted. "Most air-conditioner brands launch new models every year and they have developed recently a new technology, called "inverter technology", that allows customers to have more efficient air conditioning and at the same time save costs on energy. Taking into account this market trend, Power Buy will highlight the inverter innovations this season and promote a technology that brings advantages to the customers. Thanks to specific explanations, online and in-store attractive promotions, Power Buy will encourage customers to switch to the inverter system because it provides value for money. This is part of our strategy in pushing sales of such electricity-saving air-conditioners. Our strength lies in our delivery and installation. We can install the product on the same day that the customer purchases it from us in Bangkok. We also provide the high standard air-conditioner cleaning service across the country. The company offers big discounts, privileges and promotions that entice customers to use our services," he said.

"Power Buy expects sales of air-conditioners from March to May 2018 show a strong double digit growth. The company recently launched the campaign 'Cooling Fair 2018, by offering massive promotions for air-conditioners that offer value for money. One is, Special discount on top air-conditioner brands that have joined our campaign like Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi, Haier, TCL, etc. The second is to receive free food vouchers worth 2,000-4,000 baht at restaurants under Central Restaurant Group. The third is get 20% discount and avail of 0% installation for 24 months with participated credit cards plus get a free slim duct worth 1,500 baht along with free air-conditioner cleaning service for 2 years, or choose a gift voucher worth 900 baht. Visit 'Cooling Fair 2018, at Power Buy store or shop online at www.poweruby.co.th."

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