Shizuoka Prefecture joins Ichitan in bringing Shizuoka premium tea from the Tea Capital to 130 MB target sales set

Business Press Releases Friday May 4, 2018 13:54
Bangkok--4 May--Ogilvy Public Relations

Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, known as the world's capital of premium tea, made a significant move into Thailand by joining Ichitan Group in launching "Shizuoka" ready to drink premium tea developed by famous tea master. The new product will benefit from the growing premium tea market in the country.

"Shizuoka" is made from 100% imported First Flush and Second Flush tea tips from Shizuoka and delicately brewed according to the special recipe developed by Mr. Satoru Fujimoto, a top tea master of Shizuoka. The product will be the first and only one with the right to use the "Fujipi", the symbol of Shizuoka, and certified by the Shizuoka Tea Export Association. The Shizuoka branded tea will be available in two flavors – Original (no sugar) and Mildly Sweet, in 440 ml bottle. Priced at 30 baht per bottle, the tea is available at convenient stores and leading supermarkets and retailers nationwide.

Shizuoka is known for being the best and the largest tea production center in Japan. With about 40% of teas in Japan produced in Shizuoka, the prefecture is better known as the "Japan's Tea Capital". The prefecture is blessed with nice weather which is best for growing tea, and rivers formed by years of melting snow of Mt. Fuji that makes the water rich of minerals. Teas grown in this area therefore have rich aroma, mellow sweet flavors, and high quality with health benefits. Since Japan is a tea country with centuries of tea history, the country has continuously developed soil, harvesting and processing techniques that become the heart and soul of people in Shizuoka.

Mr. Tatsuhiko Mochizuki, Division Director of Tea Development Division Shizuoka Prefectural Government, said, "It is my highest honor to introduce the soul of Shizuoka to Thai consumers through the "Shizuoka" ready-to-drink premium tea. On behalf of Shizuoka and our people, I hope everyone loved Shizuoka tea which is our pride."

Mr. Satoru Fujimoto, the tea master who initiated and developed the recipe for Shizuoka ready-to-drink premium tea, said, "Thailand is a tropical country and its people prefer refreshing tea. I wish to also introduce the rich flavor and the mellow sweet flavor of Shizuoka tea adapted to the Thai consumers' preference. The hardest part in developing this product is tea selection. We have selected the best quality tea leaves to get the highest quality tea. Only the first and second flush teas, or Spring Winter Tea as known by Japanese, are used in brewing this product. Ichitan has produced the tea to my recipe and process and sent back the product for me to test. I tried it and still felt the freshness. The sweet flavor remains. The undesirable bitterness is gone. It is just the same perfect blend that I brewed it myself. It is a really good product, and I am honored to have the opportunity to introduce to Thai consumers one of my best brews."

Mr. Tan Passakornnatee, President of Ichitan Group Public Company Limited, said, "Although Thailand's ready to drink tea market has been slowed down in the past three years. On the contrary, the premium tea segment experienced a constant growth with premium tea market segment value of 891 million baht. In addition, healthy tea consumption trend among health-conscious young generation is growing, driving demand for low and no sugar tea. After the soft launch in late April, we have received very good response. We expect that marketing opportunities for Shizuoka ready-to-drink premium tea is growing continuously and hope the new product to generate 130 million baht sales by the end of this year."

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