CP-Meiji spent 50million baht inrebranding Meiji Yoghurt for the first time in 10years

Business Press Releases Monday May 21, 2018 15:53
Bangkok--21 May--Poly Plus PR

"CP-Meiji" spent 50million baht inrebranding "Meiji Yoghurt" for the first time in 10years Reimaging with new soft and smooth spoonableformula along with new brand presenter And phenomenal 1 million cups sales in 7 days

CP-Meiji Company Limited, Manufacturer of leading yoghurt and pasteurized dairy product brand"Meiji" creates new phenomenon for the yogurt market with over 50 million Baht in rebranding Meiji Yoghurt for the first time in 10 years to modernize and offer a difference to the consumer with the new formula and packaging for the all-time-favorite 5 flavors including Original, Strawberry, Nata De Coco, Mixed Fruits and Mixed Berry under the slogan "The New Meiji Yoghurt with smooth deliciousness and chucky fruits"along with revealing the brand's first presenter Vee Violette Wautier,talented singer as the new face of the more health conscious younger generations making the new phenomenon in the industry with the sales point featuring soft and smooth texture by selling over 1 million yoghurt in 7 days with expectation to reach 50% sales growth by the end of the year.

Salilrut Pongpanite, Vice President Head ofMarketing at CP-Meiji Company Limited, Manufacturer of leading yoghurt and pasteurized dairy brand "Meiji" revealed "Currently CP-Meiji has all kinds of yogurt products in both cup yoghurtandyoghurt drinks formswith mainstream brands being Meiji Yoghurt and Meiji Paigen Pro 5 Drinking Yoghurt and premium brands; Meiji Bulgaria in both snack and beverage form. Presently, the yogurt snack market has a market value of approximately 4,300 million baht with market growth being negative due to numbers of factors including degrading overall economic and consumption rate. However, the company is still considered positive in growth with the release of new flavors in the yogurt products in previous year.As the market leader in yoghurt and pasteurized milk, we see the importance in stimulating the market for growthand promotionto encourage consumers to return for more yogurt consumption. We have developed innovative products for the cup yogurt sectionwith great rebranding plan of Meiji Yoghurt to help revive the yoghurt market back to its growing state."

"For 2018, CP-Meiji continues to focus on promoting good health for Thai populations with consumption of delicious, quality and nutritional products resulting the rebranding of cup yoghurt for the first time in 10 years with all new marketing components including new formula, packaging and brand image in order to create the new product that perfectly answer to the demand for soft and smooth spoonableyoghurt with chewing chunks of real fruits in every singlespoon along with health benefit from probiotics and reduced sugar.Over 50 million bath has been assigned to the marketing section to promote the new soft and smoothcup yoghurt with complete communication media both offline and online via channels includingYouTube, Facebook, Instagram andTwitter as well as several advertising campaigns to create social media viral and trends in hope to build brand awareness, boost product trials and generate sales growth of 50% by the end of 2018." added, Salilrut Pongpanite.

The large-scale rebranding starts with the focus on consumer satisfaction with demand for great tasting yoghurt with soft and spoonabletexture and chewable fruit chunksthat is also healthy. The new yogurt formula is developed to be soft and smooth as well as thicker texturreso that it can be "forked" which is the new sales point of Meiji Yoghurt along with chewable real fruit chunksin every bite to enjoy in 5 best-selling flavors including Original, Strawberry, Nata De Coco, Mixed Fruits and Mixed Berry.

The colorful and modern New Package features great designs and distinctive rectangular base cup with eye-catching color palette and clean-cut images as a result of the printing innovation, together with the new easy-opening lid that less risks of cutting and stronger container for the ultimate convenience.

While the rebranding part features New Image of a yoghurt brand for modern generation with focus on male and female targets aging between 15 – 29 years old with unique character and health consciousness who seek novelty and something different. With the younger generation as main target audience and the new lively, friendly and modern brand image, the first brand presenter position was appointed to no other thanVeeVioletteWautier– the perfect face of creative, confident and lively young generation with grate responsibility in work and school along with healthy exercising and dietary lifestyle.

The new Meiji Yoghurt was released for retail and available on May 12, 2018 with 5 favorite flavors including Original, Strawberry, Nata De Coco, Mixed Fruits and Mixed Berry in 135-gram cup at 14 baht in leading supermarket and convenience store nationwide with over expected great feedback from the new generation resulting in a phenomenon in the industry with sales of over 1 million unit in 7 days creating the "Yoghurt Fever" episode with soft and smooth yoghurt innovation and chewable fruit chunks.

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