Betagro leverages new standard for Thailands food industry

Business Press Releases Thursday August 2, 2018 13:46
Bangkok--2 Aug--Betagro
S-Pure pork, chicken and eggs are the world's first certified for "Raised Without Antibiotics"

Breaking new ground in food safety, S-Pure, a premium food brand by Betagro Group, is the first in the world being certified "Raised Without Antibiotics" (RWA) by NSF International, a globally accredited organization facilitating the development of standards for safety and public health.

Covering all S-Pure products and its entire production process, the certification reflects the commitment by Betagro Group, as a responsible food manufacturer, to operate and perform in compliance with the Department of Livestock Development's campaign for antibiotic-free livestock production as well as the national food safety strategy.

Somchuan Ratanamungklanon (D.V.M.), Deputy Director-General of the Department of Livestock Development said, "The Department of Livestock Development has a policy to promote antibiotic-free livestock production in order that consumers have more choices to buy healthy and antibiotic-free meat products. This is relevant to the national strategic plan that seeks to lower the use of antibiotics in animal production by 30 percent in five years from 2017-2021."

He continued, "Betagro Group is one of our project participants and now in the process of certification. Therefore it becomes the commitment and dedication of the private sector to produce pork, chicken and eggs without using antibiotics. As a result they are certified as antibiotics-free, for the entire production process and across the product line, by an independent, globally recognized certification agency. This can be considered the development of quality standards and the empowerment of Thailand's food industry where it has the potential to compete in the global arena. Most importantly, it encourages consumer confidence in safety that can be advantageous to them."

Vasit Taepaisitphongse, chief executive officer and president of Betagro Group, said, "Betagro Group is delighted to participate in the antibiotics-free livestock production project initiated by the Department of Livestock Development. Over the past several years, we have been giving great and continued importance to food quality and safety. For premium quality food products under the S-Pure brand in

particular, we have been performing in full compliance with the antibiotics-free production practice for more than 10 years. As a result, our brand and products have been respected by both local and international consumers, for many aspects from health consciousness to hygiene from farm to fork, as well as tastiness, especially those in the EU, Japan and the Middle East, where food quality and safety standards are top priorities."

S-Pure products including pork, chicken and eggs which are produced using the meticulous S-Pure Process. It covers everything from selection of best breeds, natural way of animal husbandry, close-system animal housing, protein feed made from cereals, no use of antibiotics, hormones and growth stimulants, as well as attentive care by veterinarians and reliable meat processing. All of these products are kept refrigerated at 0-4 °C and advanced control technology during the delivery from manufacturing facilities to points of purchase. Betagro e-Traceability is also in place to ensure complete control of quality and safety.

Apart from participating in the project, which is now in the process of certification, this year NSF International has announced that S-Pure pork, chicken and eggs are all certified "Raised Without Antibiotics" (RWA) following the brand's first RWA certification last year. S-pure chicken is the world's first brand being certified "Raised Without Antibiotics" throughout its production process and all products in the range. Betagro Group will continue to leverage standards for quality and safety in a sustainable way for a better health of consumers.

Peter Bracher, Managing Director of NSF International Asia-Pacific Co., Ltd., said; "NSF International is an internationally accredited organization, and since 1944 our mission has been to protect and improve global human health. We facilitate the development of standards for food safety and public health, and also provide auditing and certification for the food, beverage and consumer product industries. Our recent studies have shown that consumers are increasingly looking for products that have been raised without antibiotics. I have been impressed that Batagro Group have been working on this area for several years and I'm pleased to see that their S-Pure branded pork, chicken and eggs, has complied with the conditions of the NSF Raised Without Antibiotics scheme. This is the world's first production line being certified "Raised Without Antibiotics" (RWA) by NSF for their products under the S-Pure brand. This certificate will help their customers to make informed choices about the foods they eat"

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