D Pillow collaboration with Perma Corporation is ready to change the world of sleeping with the world?s first Nano Zinc permanent anti-bacteria innovation developed by Thai people

Business Press Releases Friday August 31, 2018 13:39
Bangkok--31 Aug--

Zinc is a mineral which is highly beneficial to the human body. It has been consumed for countless centuries and widely used in cosmetics. This world´s first application of Nano Zinc in textile by Perma Corperation is considered to be the ground-breaking discovery. Its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria Staphylococcus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae has been proven by Thailand Textile Institute and globally respected SGS Boken Intertrek. There are also many other accepted international studies demonstrating that Nano Zinc is beneficial and harmless to the human body when consumed in an appropriate amount.

Mr. Mongkol Khongsukjira, Chief Executive Officer of D Pillow 999 (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. mentioned that D Pillow bedding products, under the copyright of Perma Corperation, aims to apply Nano Zinc technology to enhance the sleeping comfort while providing the permanent anti-bacterial protection and assisting in the deeper sleep. With Nano Zinc unique quality, it is able to induce the surrounding oxygen molecules and creates a layer of pure air around our body.

Nano Zinc innovation has been studied by many institutes worldwide regarding its benefits to the human body. It is able to boost immunity and prevent infection. With the advanced nanotechnology, Perma Corperation has combined Nano Zinc and Polymer, then undergone various textile manufacturing processes, until finally developed the unique thread that can be weaved into fabric and utilized widely in the textile industry. With the rapidly growing trend in the health business nowadays, D Pillow products definitely meet the demand for the healthy life. All D Pillow products are made in Thailand, with the company mission to change the world of sleeping and create a massive income for the country. Therefore, D Pillow will definitely put the spotlight on "Made in Thailand" label in the international health stage as it is the world-class innovation made by Thai people.

"I see that the business can create 1 billion Baht worth of income for the country. Because when it comes to health, everybody wants to be healthy regardless of the social class. This is the innovation which we proudly present. Currently, the infection occurs easily due to the increased pollution in the environment and air. If our bodies are weak, that means we are prone to bacterial infection. We should have a product with the ensured hygiene and can provide the permanent anti-bacterial protection. Even though Thailand textile industry has been in its downturn for quite a while due to the lack of new development, but if we introduce Nano Zinc to the global market, I believe that the textile industry will bounce back. Maybe not all, but the remaining factory will not be shut and can develop their textiles by applying nanotechnology with their products."

The company spent 2 years in developing D Pillow brand bedding and officially launched their products at Baanlaesuan Fair in the middle of this August. The products consist of the total 5 categories, which are 1) Big Size Pillow 25x35 inches 2) Standard Size Pillow 3) Anti-Snoring Pillow 4) Elastic Bed Sheet Set (pillow cover, bed sheet, and duvet cover) and 5) towel.

And in the last quarter of this year, the company will launch a new brand "Healca Textile", a permanent anti-bacterial fabric with Nano Zinc innovation for bedridden patients and patients with pressure ulcers or diabetic wounds. The fabric will permanently keep the area around the wound to be bacteria-free and promotes the better recovery of the patients.

The company has prepared a budget worth over 30 million Baht for this investment. The money will be used to enhance the production capacity and marketing in order to expand the distribution channels into the leading department stores such as The Mall Group, Emporium, Siam Paragon, including establishing outlets in various private hospitals and holding product roadshows in the global market. The income in 2019 is expected to reach 90 million Baht.

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