AIS enhances digital infrastructure to help drive Thailand 4.0 Introducing three new platforms: VDO, VR, IoT

Telecommunication Press Releases Wednesday February 21, 2018 15:48
Bangkok--21 Feb--AIS
AIS announces its vision to become the Digital Platform for Thais and play a major role in strengthening the country.
  • IoT will become the key technology in changing the way we all live and work, as well as the type of services provided and the management systems of public and private organizations. AIS therefore provide 2 networks in which specifically designed for IoT: Narrow Band IoT and EMTC-Enhance Machine Type Communication. Both are now available throughout Bangkok and 9 other major cities. Meanwhile, AIS is upgrading its Data network around the country, turning it into the Next G Network and supporting Internet speed upto 1Gbps.
  • In an effort to drive major developments in digital technology, AIS announces its goal to become the Digital Platform for Thais through the launching of 3 platforms: VDO Platform "Play 365", VR Content Platform, and the AIS IoT Alliance Program. These are specifically designed to support all relevant parties in developing services that emphasize the strengthening of capabilities and also to create new conducive opportunities.

Speaking at the recent "Digital Intelligent Nation 2018" seminar, Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS, stressed that the public and private partnership to develop digital technology is changing consumer behavior and the organizational management model of both sectors. Digital technology has been adopted to respond to both everyday life and business needs with service capabilities extended to the international level. This year will thus be a crucial in bringing the Thais collaboratively to join forces to create a Digital Platform for Thailand that will drive growth of the digital economy as a whole.

"In 2017, the overall industry continued to grow by 4% (higher than GDP). Mobile Internet usage surged by 80% over 2016. This year, Thai people are using up to 7.3 GB of data and the amount of time spent on the social networks has doubled to 4.8 hours a day. More than 41 million people watch VDO via smartphones and 80% of this is local content. Enterprises use the Cloud as a new standard to enhance operational management. AIS constantly develops its networks and services to meet all demands and has a network investment budget of more than 35,000 – 38,000 million baht to transform the mobile network into the Next Generation, which will serve an Internet speed of up to 1GB. AIS is also expanding NB-IoT and EMTC networks to support IoT and AIS Fiber. AIS brings new global VDO content such as CNN, Cartoon Network and TVN Channel from South Korea as well as the best local content for the benefits of Thais. The acquisition of CS Loxinfo's shares last year will help strengthen services for corporate clients."

Somchai reiterated that the growth of the communications industry alone will not be able to fully reinforce the growth and prosperity of our country in the very best sustainable way. The private sector is thus determined to evolutionize its role to become the Digital Platform for Thailand. In this regard, it will perform as a center to support the connectivity of all concerned groups working together in an ecosystem format. This aims to enhance capabilities through digital technology to drive national growth of the country. AIS is introducing 3 key platforms to achieve these goals, as follows:

1. AIS IoT Alliance Program -- AIAP is a collaboration between members of all parties involved in IoT including public and private organizations and equipment and software developers to engage in exchange of knowledge and capabilities, products, services or solutions. The program is aimed to jointly create the substantial development of the IoT Solution/Business Model, broaden benefits to the public sector and enhance the management of all parties.

2. The Play 365: This local VDO Platform offers opportunities for Thai artists to introduce their creative works without a label. The artists will have access to all Thai consumers and benefit from a proper revenue structure and advertising model that reflects the real number of viewers.

3. AIS IMAX VR: This VR Content Platform offers opportunities for VR Content developers to create content and submit it to AIS. Activities will be organized continuously to support the developers.

"AIS is highly confident that digital technology is the forefront solution to sustainable growth. It will help support the goal of the public sector to transform Thailand into achieving Thailand 4.0 and increase the country's competitiveness," Somchai concludes.

Note: eMTC network – enhanced machine-type Communication – is a standard network technology that comes with NB-IoT (narrowband Internet of Things) technology. Both have characteristics to support each other. eMTC can support mobile IoT such as connected cars and new voice-controlled IoT devices while NB-IoT focuses on energy saving of devices and distant communications. Based on the 3GPP standard, the eMTC and NB-IoT are designed to pave the way to 5G in the future. Both are technologies for long-term use.

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