2nd Report on State of Mobile Networks in Thailand

Telecommunication Press Releases Friday April 27, 2018 12:16
Bangkok--27 Apr--Brandnow.asia
Mobile Networks Update: Thailand (April 2018)

It's been six months since OpenSignal published its inaugural State of Mobile Networks report for Thailand, but since that time Thai operators have been busy expanding the reach of their 4G networks. In our first Mobile Networks Update for Thailand, we have refreshed our metrics, tracking the changes we've seen in AIS, DTAC and TrueMove's 3G and 4G performance.

Access to 4G connections is increasing rapidly across Thailand. All three major operators saw jumps in our 4G availability metric since our last report, but the biggest increase we recorded was on DTAC's network. Its availability increased more than 9 percentage points in six months, bringing its score to 84%. OpenSignal's 4G availability award, however, went to TrueMove. Our testers were able to find an LTE signal on TrueMove's network an exceptional 94.7% of the time.

Finding 4G signals in Thailand is hardly a problem, but fast 4G connections still remain elusive. In our latest test results, all three major operators averaged LTE speeds below the global mobile average of 16.9 Mbps from our recent State of LTE report. But the good news is speeds are improving. Our results show both AIS and TrueMove increased their 4G speed slightly over the last six months, though TrueMove took our 4G speed award with an average LTE download of 11.6 Mbps. In addition, tested overall speeds improved for all three operators as 4G availability increased.

TrueMove either won outright or tied for all of OpenSignal's national awards, and its dominance on the regional level is only increasing. In our last report, TrueMove faced considerable competition from AIS and DTAC in our regional 4G speed metrics, but in the current report it won our 4G speed category outright in four of five regions. TrueMove also took 4G latency top honors away from DTAC, winning our network-response-time awards at the national level and in three of five regions.

Report Facts
Test Devices
Jan 1 - Mar 31, 2018
Sample Period
Report Location
Our Methodology

OpenSignal measures the real-world experience of consumers on mobile networks as they go about their daily lives. We collect 2 billion individual measurements every day from tens of millions of smartphones worldwide.

Our measurements are collected at all hours of the day, every day of the year, under conditions of normal usage, including inside buildings and outdoors, in cities and the countryside, and everywhere in between. By analyzing on-device measurements recorded in the places where subscribers actually live, work and travel, we report on mobile network service the way users truly experience it.

For this particular report, 1,104,675,335 datapoints were collected from 117,309 users during the period: Jan 1 - Mar 31, 2018.

We continually adapt our methodology to best represent the changing experience of consumers on mobile networks and, therefore, comparisons of the results to past reports should be considered indicative only. For more information on how we collect and analyze our data, see our methodology page.

For every metric we've calculated statistical confidence intervals and plotted them on all of the graphs. When confidence intervals overlap for a certain metric, our measured results are too close to declare a winner in a particular category. In those cases, we show a statistical draw. For this reason, some metrics have multiple operator winners.

Regional Performance
Download Speed (4G) : TRUE
Download Speed (Overall) : TRUE
Latency (4G) : TRUE
Availability 4G : TRUE
Download Speed (4G) : DATC, TRUE
Download Speed (Overall) : TRUE
Latency (4G) : TRUE
Availability 4G : TRUE
Download Speed (4G) : TRUE
Download Speed (Overall) : TRUE
Latency (4G) : AIS, TRUE, DTAC
Availability 4G : TRUE
North East
Download Speed (4G) : TRUE
Download Speed (Overall) : TRUE
Latency (4G) : TRUE
Availability 4G : TRUE
Download Speed (4G) : TRUE
Download Speed (Overall) : TRUE
Latency (4G) : DTAC
Availability 4G : TRUE

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