Entertainment Press Releases Tuesday February 7, 2017 16:43
Bangkok--7 Feb--BEC-TERO MUSIC

"BEC-TERO MUSIC" reinforces to embrace the trend "Internet of Things" joining hand with "LINE TV" tapping into "VDO Online" market offering customers to watch free music video featuring classic Thai and International tunes from all music houses under BEC-TERO Music including Sony Music, LOVEiS, Bakery Music and Blacksheep via the platform "LINE TV" highlighting over 3,000 minutes of rare music video contents available for viewing only via the platform "LINE TV" convinced to serve full-flavored entertainment to music lovers.

Mr. Paul Manatthaworn, General Manager of BEC-Tero Music under BEC-Tero Entertainment (Public) Company Limited., talked about marketing policy this year. "Business direction of BEC-TERO MUSIC this year continues to focus on music, our major business, coupled with digital contents business, giving more weight to online music video contents because we spot significant growth potential of video online market this year and the fact that consumers spend more time watching video online due to no time constraint and easy access. The arrival of Internet of Things (IOTs) influences daily life of consumers more and more. Consumers easily connect to the Internet every time and place. These developments result in ongoing market growth. Therefore the Company perceive business opportunity to leverage existing contents developed to service for maximum consumer benefit."

Lately "BEC-TERO MUSIC" cooperates with "LINE TV" providing music video contents service on "LINE TV" platform. The special of contents brought by BEC-TERO MUSIC in collaboration with "LINE TV" feature over 3,000 minutes of Thai and International classic music video available nowhere else from music houses of BEC-TERO MUSIC such as Sony Music, LOVEiS, Bakery Music and Blacksheep. Customers can watch only on "LINE TV" platform. Some of music video in the lists include "I circle around you, you circle around me" – Scrubb, "Return" – 2 Day ago Kids and "Pass by" – Slot Machine. The cooperation creates business synergy from strength of BEC-TERO MUSIC specializing in entertainment contents and LINE considered leader of mobile phone platform, redirecting music business to seamlessly align with Internet of Things (IOTs)

Mr. Dan Sornmanee, Contents Business and Marketing Director of LINE Thailand, disclosed "According to PWC research, the video online market continues to grow. Spending via online commercials from today to 2020 is expected to grow by 31% per year on average in line with market trend in Thailand. As a video-on-demand platform compiling premium and exclusive selected contents, LINE TV sees the opportunity to extend cooperation with BEC-TERO MUSIC. We have experienced working together and shared great success, moving towards music video contents addition on LINE TV to satisfy demand of a wider group of viewers. Besides we make music contents LIVE on LINE TV which receives excellent response and will be the cooperation framework to enhance more alternatives for viewers.

The Company believes that the cooperation between "BEC-TERO MUSIC" and "LINE TV" will thrill music industry to welcome the New Year, fulfil entertainment for music lovers as well as expanding customer base. In the future the Company plans to cooperate with more business partners in order to utilize contents on hand to provide service on a continual basis." Paul concluded.

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