RTL CBS Extreme HD Program Highlight: May 2017

Entertainment Press Releases Wednesday May 3, 2017 10:52
Bangkok--3 May--TQPR

As a rule, Guy Martin prefers things to people. But there is one man who he is utterly intrigued by... his Grandad Walter. Not much is known about Walter – except that he had a murky past shrouded by secrets. So, Guy is off to Latvia where Walter was born to find out the truth about his ancestral roots – good or bad.

As he tracks the life of his Grandad, Guy will meet unforgettable characters, uncover fascinating stories, and learn the truth about a man who he knew little about. Will he like what he finds?
Premieres May 21Sunday 7:40pm

This show unites the very best action and extreme sports from around the planet. Loaded to the max with adrenaline-inspired events, stunts, challenges and projects, The Xtreme CollXtion also focuses on the personalities involved, telling exceptional stories about extraordinary sports people, living their lives on the edge.

Premieres May 29Mondays to Fridays 7:00pm

From the producers of "American Ninja Warrior" comes a new team competition series featuring one of the most grueling obstacle courses ever developed. Inspired by Spartan Race and hosted by former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones and former MLS star Kyle Martino, "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge" invites teams of five to fight their way through a mile-long course riddled with mud, fire, barbed wire and other demanding challenges. Each team consists of two women, two men and a designated team captain. These team members must work together to overcome increasingly difficult obstacles for a chance to win $250,000. Saturdays


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RTL CBS Extreme HD Program Highlights - July 2017

To premiere on the 44th death anniversary of the legend, I Am Bruce Lee is the amazing story of one of the greatest icons ever to enter the public consciousness, the first film to truly tell Bruce Lee's story in his own words and actions, and through the...

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