Discover New Realm of Music the Yama Music Square Yamaha Music Academy Bangkok

Entertainment Press Releases Wednesday June 14, 2017 17:35
Bangkok--14 Jun--Siam Motors

Yamaha unveiled the state-of-the-art music showroom – Yamaha Music Square and the world-class music school andYamaha Music Academy Bangkok to welcome all music enthusiasts with a wide collection of musical instruments, sound innovation, and a heap of exciting activities.

Dr.Perawat Chookhiatti, the Managing Director of Siam Music Yamaha revealed: "As Thailand's official dealer and distributor of world-class musical instruments and first-ever private music school, Yamaha has consistently developed product and service quality to offer our customers extraordinary experience of music of all levels, ranging from amateurs to professionals. Our new Yamaha Music Square will definitely bring music experience to the next level with tons of musical instruments and technologies on a total space of 2,500 sq m.

Yamaha Music Square comprises the state-of-the-art recording and post-production studio, featuring the world-class NUAGE System Work Station technology and Steinberg. In addition, we have a variety of premier pianos both acoustic and electric types, guitars, and other types of musical instruments from renowned brands, including CFX and Bösendorfer. Also, we plan to add the musical instruments for Band and Orchestra and other innovative musical instruments to attract different types of customers."

Due to highly-competitive market of musical instruments, together with a flow of more economic-price products from China to Thailand, Yamaha needs to adjust marketing strategy to meet the changing market. So far, Yamaha has reached sales target in all product lines. Pianos both acoustic and digital amounted over 300 million baht of revenue, seeing a 15% growth from last year. Professional Audio (PA) products, including sound rental, recording studio, music hall, concert hall, successfully reached all major target groups such as university, schools, hospitals, and recreation and entertainment venues with a 10% increased revenue. Unified Communication products also were also launched in the beginning of this year to meet the needs of corporate customers. Combo generated over 260 million baht of revenue and expected to grow by 9%. Band & Orchestra amounted total revenue of 150 million baht in 2016, accounting for a 15% growth from the previous year, with a target to reach 15% growth in 2017. Meanwhile, Audio group was newly created to offer a wide selection of lifestyle products to meet customers' digital lifestyle nowadays.

As for the 2017 sales target, Yamaha expects to reach total revenue of 1.2 billion baht from all product lines and 150 million baht from Yamaha Music School. Currently, Yamaha Music School welcomes over 30,000 music students per year. So far, there are already over 1 million music students from 100 branches nationwide, 50 are in Bangkok areas and other 50 in upcountry. So far, there are already over 1 million music students from 100 branches across the country. Yamaha Music School expects to increase a number of students by 10% this year. Meanwhile, Yamaha Service Center, offering piano tuning service and maintenance service for Yamaha musical instruments, also yields considerable revenue.

To promote music education in Thailand, Yamaha also introduces the Yamaha Music Academy Bangkok, featuring a special curriculum of Yamaha Music Worldwide Education System. Certified by the Yamaha Music Foundation in Japan, Asia, Europe and Americas, this music learning curriculum is well recognized in 40 countries around the world with over 600,000 students.

Yamaha Music Academy Bangkok offers both personal and group classes with well-equipped piano laboratory and world-class-standard studio. Endorser (Private Class) offers students opportunity to learn face to face with superstars and the country's top musicians. Every class is supervised by music experts, making Yamaha the top music school in Thailand for 51 years.

"We are confident that Yamaha Music School will succeed in increasing a number of students because of our strong points. First is the world-recognized Yamaha Music Worldwide Education System from Japan. Teacher quality is also key factor. Every teacher is well-trained with knowledge and skills for music teaching. Comprehensive teaching tools also help students to get hands-on experience and better improve their skills," concluded Dr.Perawat.

Discover new dimension of music appreciation and music learning at Yamaha Music Square andYamaha Music Academy Bangkok, 4th Floor, Siam Motors Building (Opposite the National Stadium), Wang Mai Sub-district, Pathumwan District, Bangkok. For more details, please call 02-216-2215-02-216-2216 or02-215-2626-39 ext. 1242,1243

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