Global Artists Gather for Fifth Silk Road International Film Festival Which Marks 60 Years of Film Making at the Iconic Xi#an Film Studio

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The Fifth Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF18) ended today with a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the "birthplace of Chinese New Film", the Xi'an Film Studio. The fifth SRIFF festival, which coincides with the anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, welcomed artists and filmmakers from around the world to participate in exchanges and search for opportunities to breathe new life into the iconic film hub of China.

Global Artists Gather for Fifth Silk Road International Film Festival Which Marks 60 Years of Film Making at the Iconic Xi'an Film Studio

During the festival, more than 100 outstanding films from home and abroad were exhibited across 30 universities, ten plazas, and 100 communities in Xi'an. This year's event was uniquely different from previous events with the addition of a series of new, interactive fringe events, which includes 2018 International Youth Director Exchange Conference, World Film Debate and Filmmakers Masterclass.

Films displayed were from a wide range of countries along the Silk Road, including Russia, Italy, India, France, the UK, Poland, etc. After the first review, 18 finalists were identified. Winners of SRIFF18 included:

SRIFF 2018 Awards   Winner
Best Feature Film   Dying to Survive (2018)
The Insult (L'insulte) (2017)
12th Men (Den 12. Mann) (2017)
Best Animated Film   The Underdog (2018)
Best Documentary     Stammering Ballad (2018)
Best Actor           Agatha Dominik by his performance in film Najlepszy   (2017)
Best Actress         Dasha Plahtiy by her performance in film Strimgolov (2017)
Special Honor       Temporary Difficulties (2018)
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This year's festival has been remarkable at its fifth year, with the exhibition of some fantastic international works by some very talented artists. For Chinese films, this year is particularly profound as Xi'an is also here to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic Xi'an Film Studio where produced classics such as Farewell My Concubine which won over 300 domestic and international awards.

About the Festival

The Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF), is held annually and alternates between the city of Xi'an and Fuzhou. The festival focuses on the development of three distinct platforms for the domestic and international film industries: art performance, cooperation and trade with the goal of promoting greater interaction between filmmakers and film aficionados in countries along the Silk Road.

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