KIX Premieres New Reality Series Extreme Ends Featuring Gun Ratchanon Starting October 17

Entertainment Press Releases Wednesday October 17, 2018 11:20
Bangkok--17 Oct--Triple Eight Ideas

Most people travel for leisure, picking the best spots for shopping or lounging on a beach but some people want more action. This October, action entertainment channel KIX premieres the brand new reality series Extreme Ends, to give audiences a glimpse of extreme opposite sides of the vibrant city, Hong Kong.

Featuring four celebrities from four Southeast Asian countries, rising popstar and actor Gun Ratchanon represents Thailand, taking on this adventure with his celebrity friend, popular TV host Ticha Pacharawan. These two friends are adventurous travellers well-suited to the exciting contrasts selected for Extreme Ends, where each episode features a different celebrity and their special guests facing a different 'extreme' theme such as "High & Low" or "Fast & Slow". In this way, viewers will see Hong Kong in a new light as each episode highlights extreme opposites to showcase the fascinating contrasts, non-stop intensity and distinctively trendy attributes of Hong Kong.

"We're very pleased to be working with Hong Kong Tourism Board once more, and excited to give audiences a different perspective, showing them the contrasts and duality of Hong Kong. With each of the celebrities and their guests going through specially-selected activities, viewers also get to see a different side of their personality, revealing the relationships they share - this is a wonderful formula that invites viewers to travel with them on every adventure," said Betty Tsui, Vice President of Programming, KIX & Thrill, Celestial Tiger Entertainment,

"We are glad to partner Celestial Tiger Entertainment again, given the success of The Ultimate BROcation. Hong Kong remains as Southeast Asians' destination of choice for its diversified dining options, shopping experiences, nightlife and events; as well as thrilling adventures overseeing breathtaking natural sceneries. The celebrities from the different Southeast Asian countries in the series will definitely bring new insights and inspire the audience to create their very own authentic experiences when they visit Hong Kong, and discover Hong Kong like a local," said Raymond Chan, Regional Director, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Sharing his experience, Gun said, "I had no idea what to expect going into KIX's Extreme Ends. It was only when I landed that I realised this adventure reality show would really push my limits. From quad biking to working in a fast-paced cha chan teng, I really got to experience the quick life of Hong Kong. I'm so glad I got to know Ticha more on this adventure. However, I did get super jealous hearing about her slow and chilled out experience when compared to mine."

Ticha added, "I am very happy to be part of KIX's Extreme Ends with Gun. I was familiar with the shopping and fast-paced life in the city, but I had no idea that just outside of the city lies a lifestyle that is so much slower, that I have never done before. From the relaxing yacht trip, to cooking a traditional Chinese meal that takes hours to prepare, I was really amazed by how chilled life can be in Hong Kong. It was quite funny, when I met back with Gun, I realized how opposite our experiences were!"

For more exciting contrasts, don't miss Extreme Ends which airs first and exclusively on KIX on October 17, Wednesdays at 8.30pm! KIX is available on Charoen Cable TV (Ch. 38), Happy Home Cable TV (Ch. 93) and TOT iptv (Ch. 257).

Extreme Ends is produced by KIX's parent company Celestial Tiger Entertainment, operator of the largest bouquet of pan-Asian channels dedicated to Asian entertainment. The show is brought to you by Hong Kong Tourism Board and supported by Harbour City.

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