Giffarine presents the latest Punja Puta ambassador Kob Songsit, Using a Music Marketing approach to boost its last trimesters business.

Entertainment Press Releases Monday October 29, 2018 17:13
Bangkok--29 Oct--Polyplus PR

Giffarine has budgeted a 30 MB for its marketing campaign in the last trimester of the year, and proudly presents Kob Songsit Roongnophakunsri as the new product ambassador of "Punja Puta", the 100% herbal health drink, made from 39 different herbs. The company is planning a Brand reminding campaign by launching a series of commercial ads, labeled "Patiharn" ("Miracle"in English), chosen from Kob Songsit's famous and legendary song. The goal of the campaign is to boost this year's sales to over 5 billion baht.

Dr. Nalinee Paiboon President of Giffarine Skyline Unity Company Limited reveals: "overall, direct business revenue in Thailand is growing and is showing a great potential for the future, thanks to business owners adjusting and shifting their business strategies towards digital marketing and sales. The global trend in well-being trend, with more and more health conscious people, taking better care of themselves, creates a great potential for the health products market, such as supplement and skincare. Despite this year's sluggish economy, the company's 1st half sales result stayed on the positive side and showed grow, compared to last year's result, with 90% domestic sales and 10% from export. The company's goal for this year is to achieve its 5 billion baht sales target.

Giffarine's health and beauty products, such as Giffarine Sea Min Drink, is supported by extensive research and contains ingredient from Calcareous Marine Algae from Iceland, received an award in the Anti-Aging Food category at the Vitafoods Europe Geneva, the international nutraceutical event in Switzerland. Another premium Giffarine product is Punja Puta a 100% herbal drink, made from 39 different herbs. Punja Puta is developed and based on traditional medicinal knowledge from Thailand, China and India, the countries that have used traditional medicinal theories and beliefs for thousands of years, such as the Chinese knowledge of balancing of Yin and Yang foods, and the Indian practices of warming or cooling the body. All ingredients are selected and produced factories that meet the international quality and hygiene standards.

This year, the company has invested 30 million baht in a Brand Reminding Campaign for "Punja Puta" 100% herbal drink, presenting Kob Songsit Roongnophakunsri, the famous singer, actor and TV-host as the latest brand ambassador. He is very representative and takes good care of himself, and we believe that the "Punja Puta" campaign with this celebrity will get a fantastic feedback, and will contribute in achieving our sales targets. Thailand is rapidly turning into an aging society, and being healthy is a very important trend.

Mr. Pongpasu Unaphom Senior Marketing Director, Giffarine Skyline Unity Company Limited reveals: "to react to the 4.0 economic model, Giffarine wants our business partners to conduct business by using online channels, such as creating applications appealing to the newer generations, and by creating a social digital network. So far, both our online and offline marketing strategies have been successful in terms of increasing product awareness, engagement and boosting sales. For our bestselling product , " Punja Puta" 100% herbal drink, with a yearly sales of more than 2 million bottles, we have the ambition to increase sales volumes. We are investing 30MB in a Music Marketing Brand Reminding Campaign and are launching a commercial ad series, presenting the song named "Patiharn" ("Miracle" in English), based on the famous and legendary song from Kob Songsit Roongnophakunsri, the famous singer, actor and TV-host. Our target audiences are our business partners and customers, who find their health important. Important objective of the Brand Reminding Campaign is to communicate and inform our customers both through offline and online media, following a combative communication plan and by corresponding through Facebook (giffarineofficial) and Line (@giffarinethailand). In combination with an attractive promotional campaign, we are confident that with our new brand ambassador and marketing campaign, we will able to receive a great feedback from our health concerned customers.

Notwithstanding, we are also heavily promoting "Giffarine Sea Min Drink", our functional beverage, with Aum Patcharapa Chaichua as brand ambassador, and will launch a range of health supplements and products in the skincare segment.

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