TikTok gears up educational content making the platform a new space of learning for children and youths Launching #TikTokUni

Entertainment Press Releases Monday May 11, 2020 16:15
Bangkok--11 May--Chomchaviwan

The trend of short videos has been well-received and getting popular globally. As the world’s leading short video platform, TikTok is taking steps forward to enhance the platform to go beyond a community for creativity and entertainment through a new space of learning. Under the big umbrella of TikTok For Good, a global initiative to inspire and encourage a new generation to have a positive impact on the planet, #TikTokUni is softly landing in Thailand with an aim to drive and support the creativity of educational contents to make learning more dynamic and fun.

Nowadays, there are a large number of educators, professionals and experts from various fields onboarding on TikTok to use the platform to introduce informative contents. Given its unique algorithm in feeding content by interest and preference of audiences, TikTok becomes a salient tool in sharing the right information to the right audience. Content on TikTok is unique and fun. Equipped with in-app effects, informative content can be conveyed and shared more attractively, excitingly and, of course, easily to digest.

TikTok sees this as a great opportunity to maximize potentials of the platform to provide support for educators, professionals and experts including educational institutes and non-profit organizations, which their real-world skills and expertise can be ignited and distributed to reach millions of children and youths worldwide.

“TikTok is currently in the stage of content diversification. We feel that it is a high time to introduce more useful content for our users and consider that educational content is critical for this effort.

Traditional education and learning are usually perceived as boring and unexciting. Therefore, we plan to introduce educational contents in new creative ways of learning to help people to access new skills, reskill and upskill with fun and joy. To do so, we encourage professionals to transform their expertise into contents and develop valuable curricula for valuable target audiences,” said Laksamee Jong, User and Content Operations Manager - Thailand.

The #TikTokUni campaign welcomes state organizations, educational institutions and creators to develop educational contents. It is a long-term campaign integrated with both online and offline approaches throughout the year. The educational content may include direct education like languages and science lessons as well as indirect education like fine arts, acting and dancing including personal development, such as, advice, motivation and personality.

“Aligned with TikTok’s strategy on content diversification, the launch of #TikTokUni will certainly bring the next level of informative contents, creators and brands into our platform. As TikTok continues to support professionals and experts with the amplification of our platform, they now use TikTok to shift new ways of content presentation that will benefit audiences and society in a large scale,” Laksamee concluded.

Don’t miss! Let’s be a part of the #TikTokUni campaign by exploring new ways of creative learning contents and joining our online classes, available now at #TikTokUni (https://www.tiktok.com/tag/tiktokuni) and stay tuned for full campaign activity at TikTok from 15th May!

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