Tops invests 100 million baht to secure its position as the No.1 leader in New Year baskets

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Bangkok--5 Nov--Polyplus PR

Tops invests 100 million baht to secure its position as the No.1 leader in New Year baskets, introducing new campaign "Season's Giving 2019 : Gifts That Give Back" to give endless happiness and promote sustaianable marketing. First ever, baskets that represent signature of the four regions of Thailand are introduced, while "I am so special" trend is captured through DIY baskets. Great discounts are offered, up to 35%, with expectation to generate 15% growth throughout the campaign.

Central Food Hall and Tops, the leader of premium supermarket and food store of the world, welcomes the festive season with a seasonal marketing campaign in which it has invested 100 million baht to introduce New Year baskets under the campaign Season's Giving 2019 with a concept "Gifts That Give Back". High-quality products from Thailand and around the world are chosen to create more than 120 New Year baskets ranging from 350 to 19,500 baht. Based on sustainable marketing approach, the baskets bring happiness to producers, givers, receivers and the society, in line with consumer trend in supporting local communities. For the first time, New Year baskets representing the four regions of Thailand are introduced, while DIY baskets are available for modern consumers who love the "I am so special" trend, allowing them to mix and match items in their basket to suit their individualistic lifestyle. Great discounts and gift vouchers are offered with up to 35% discounts, 20% credit back, and 0% interest rate for participating credit cards. The campaign is expected to generate 15% growth in sales.

Ms. Phattaraporn Phenpraphat, Executive Vice President – Marketing & PR of Central Food Retail, which operates Central Food Hall and Tops, said, "This year, our New Year basket campaign is Season's Giving 2019, under the concept of Gifts That Give Back. The campaign is based on our sustainable marketing approach for shared benefits. Every basket brings happiness to the producer, giver and recipient, offering great value for money. Today, consumers seek information, and they buy products not only because of their appearance and price. They look into the story, originality, and the product's contribution to society, community and environment. Therefore, we've selected the best products from around the world as well as produce from local farmers and communities nationwide to bring our customers healthy and natural products that are environment-friendly through our New Year baskets, making them valuable and meaningful gifts. They are gifts that give back endlessly. The mood and tone of our products and baskets are plain colours and marble patterns to reflect simplicity and elegance, signature of Central Food Hall and Tops baskets. There are more than 120 types of baskets and 220 gift sets to choose from, containing products from leading brands as well as Exclusive Only @ Tops products, more than 100 items in total. Our beautiful Festive New Year Seasonal products start from 350 baht per basket up to 19,500 baht.

This year's highlight is the first ever baskets representing the signature of the four regions of Thailand. Each region's culture and identity are portrayed in the design of the basket as well as the products. For the Northern region, Muan Jai basket features local products. For the Northeastern region, Hak Der basket is made with pha khao ma textile from Mudmee Silk and Khid Pillow Maker' Community Enterprise in Ban Dan Nuea in Kalasin. For the Southern region, Rak Jung Hoo basket features iconic Southern products. For the Western region is Thin Rak basket. There are also GI baskets and community product baskets to give back to farmers and communities nationwide, boosting local economy. Tops supports 140 communities in 49 provinces by selling more than 2,000 items from them. This year, Tops has selected 45 types of local products, more than 200,000 pieces in total, increased from last year's selection by 17 types. Additionally, water hyacinth baskets made by Ban Bang Ta Paen Water Hyacinth Weaving Community in Ang Thong and Water Hyacinth Handicraft Community Enterprise in Bang Len, Nakhon Pathom are also used this year. This supports the use of naturally available water hyacinth, which is usually not worth much, as material for handicrafts to generate jobs and income for those in the communities. This is a collaboration project between Tops and Ministry of Commerce to ensure the design of the baskets meets the market's demand. DIY baskets are in line with the emerging "I am so special" trend among modern consumers who value individualism. They can create their own baskets using modern gift bags, baskets, and boxes made from hand-woven textiles from Na Muen Sri Weavers Community Enterprise in Trang, and decorate their designs as they wish. Additionally, there are exclusive baskets containing products from Doi Tung Development Project under Royal Initiative in Chiang Rai to give back to Thai hilltribe people who design the textile and ribbons. This initiative generates income for housewives along the Northern border. Healthier Choice basket select products which have been given the Healthier Choice logo. Organic fruits and vegetables baskets and fruit gift sets are also available, containing imported and local produce in a beautiful design just for clean lifers who want to give a gift of good health to themselves and other.

The New Year basket catalogue is made from trees grown sustainably and in an environment-friendly way. The stories of products and communities are illustrated to showcase how they give happiness such as through good health, promoting local economy sustainably, conserving cultural heritage, keeping alive local flavours, highlighting organic farming and good balance, giving back to farmers and Thai hilltribe people, and more. This is in line with today's trend in which consumers support local communities and environment-friendly products. Meanwhile, health products are still popular. Another factor that influences consumers' purchase is value for money. This year, customers can choose between discounts, up to 35% through cash or gift vouchers, or up to 20% credit back with six participating credit cards, as well as 0% interest rate with participating credit cards. They can also shop online at,, and LINE @Topsonline, as well as on the phone via Direct Sale team at 0-2831-7300 ext 8014-8019 and hotline 063-204-5202-4.

Ms. Phattaraporn said that in the past years, the company's New Year baskets target mid- and high-end customers and present beautiful, modern baskets with a great selection of products, offered with great value for money. This is why the company has the highest market share in this sector and has seen a 15% growth, significantly higher than the market. Meanwhile, online basket sales has grown more than 100%. The convenience of online shopping makes it easier for customers to decide. For 2019, the company expects that the sales of its New Year baskets will grow by 15% with a market share of 35%.

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