MACO announced the 3rd Q Financial highlighted value added of the successful Company business resulting in the surge of income at 473 Million Baht

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Master Ad (Public) Co., Ltd. announced the 3rd Q performance of 2018 (July – September 2018) hitting the net profit at 68 Million Baht with the gross income as high as 473 million Baht resulted from the financial statement merging in Trans Ad Solution Co., Ltd. ("Trans Ad") and Roctec Technology Limited ("Roctec"), pushing forward the highest income over 80.6% year on year.

Mr. CK, CEO of Master Ad (Public) Co., Ltd. or MACO, leader of the outdoor advertising media network cited that in the 3rd Q, the company can build up the outstanding continual growth as predicted. Whereas the income from providing services at 473 million Baht, jumping to 80.6% year on year, dividing into the income from providing services and selling at 321 million Baht and the income from the installation contracting services at 152 million Baht incurred by merging of the financial statement of Trans Ad Solution Co., Ltd. ("Trans Ad"), service provider of multi-media system in Thailand and and Roctec Technology Limited ("Roctec"), a provider of multimedia and communication system, system integrations and total network infrastructure in Hong Kong.

For the performance of the past 9 months, it is expected that the performance in the 4th Q of 2018 tends to be the better gain due to the supporting factor of the synergy of all the existing affiliated companies as well as the expansion of billboard advertising media in the country to serve the rate of media usage as required by the product owners and the services during year end when the advertising media is booming or a so called high season including the upcoming election next year enhancing the spending atmosphere in the country to be more active, thus the overall figures of the whole year will be as expected.

The CEO also cited that the expansion of advertising media business abroad especially in Malaysia and Indonesia through the investment in VGI Malaysia (VGM) at the amount of 75% will be another major strategy of the company for strengthening and developing the mass media network for MACO. While the company sighted that the business in Thailand and overseas concurrently will build up growth for each other, we are confident that the prospect of the full expansion of media network both inside and outside the country will definitely boost the success of the company in the future.

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