Bitkub warns dynamic crisis will leave someone behind

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Bangkok--6 Nov--24x7

The Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Company Limited, a forefront blockchain developer and solution provider is fully prepared to face impending changes and transition to a full digital society that will affect everyday life and continually impact business, emphasizing that all sectors must be aware and prepared for these complete digital society transformations or face the prospect of becoming painfully outdated and obsolete.

Mr. Jirayut Srupsrisopa, CEO and founder of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co. Ltd. announced that currently businesses are in the midst of digital transition from 4.0 to 5.0 where technology plays a crucial role in everyday life and in driving the economy. All sectors of society must then be fully aware and ready to embrace these changes in order to prevent transitional crisis gaps that may eventually lead to unexpected consequences and unforeseen damages if neglected.

"Let me give you an example of a few recent dynamic crisis - the photographic film industry or even the mobile business that used to global leaders but were disrupted by innovation until they can no longer operate. Did these businesses know of impending disruption? They certainly do, but they cannot catch up with the changes to the point that their business faced crisis. Such are examples of dynamic crisis that have occurred, and history will repeat itself if we are not on top of these changes in time," Mr. Jirayut emphasized.

Mr. Jirayut said that as these transition crises were a major concern, Bitkub has prepared and strengthened its organizational bases and business structure, as well as enhanced its system and personnel readiness. Bitkub also oversees product delivery and ensures delivery of just, equal and complete service to every client, fully integrating all stakeholders in the solution provided for a complete transition to a digital society. The four Bitkub business groups comprise:

2. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Portal and Services, including blockchain development and design for both public and private agencies, operated by Bitkub Blockchain Technology Company Limited. At present, the company is preparing approval request documents for submission to the Security Exchange Commission (SEC).

3. Thai Blockchain Hub, The Blockchain Business Education Group focuses on accumulating the body of knowledge used in the design and development of blockchain for various applications for the blockchain platform that will be the technology of the near future.

4. The Investment Group aims to invest in potential ICO, digital asset and Blockchain based startup.

Mr. Jirayut also explains that the four businesses under Bitkub Capital Group Holding Co. Ltd. can deliver customized solutions and create benefits for both public and private sectors, so they can definitely bridge the transition crisis gap. Because in the near future, all assets in the world will become digital asset, creating business in the Crypto Currency Exchange Platform, resulting in ICOs as well as organizational and executive improvement in various organizations based on blockchain technology.

"However, we believe that the urgent essential factor is to provide knowledge, that is why we established the Bitkub Blockchain Academy so that we can build a singular blockchain community. Once the community is strong with frequent activities and transactions, Bitkub Capital we have established will be there to provide opportunity to those forward thinkers for actual implementation and to offer creative innovation for society." said Mr. Jirayut.

He also explained that in order to present opportunity to those who are interested and build confidence in the structure of the 4 business groups, Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co, Ltd. has organizing a free get-together between the executives of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings and public and private organizations as well as interested person to provide a venue for exchanges and discussions on the development and implementation of Blockchain technology on 15 November 2018 at 18:30 – 20:30 at the Great Room, 26th Floor, Gaysorn Tower.

At the same time, to pool knowledge between European and Thai blockchain networks, the European Blockchain Hub Group has designated Bitkub Holdings Group Co. Ltd. as Chairperson of the Thai network, in cooperation with the Thailand National Innovation Agency to organize a Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals Summit 2019 on 30 November 2018, from 09.00 -17.00 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. The conference will be been honoured by distinguished guest speakers, Mr. Blaz Golob, President of European Blockchain Hub, Mr. Rex Yeap, Founding Member of European Blockchain Hub, and Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana, the Director of the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), who will preside over the opening ceremony. In the Summit, at least 5 case studies of Blockchain successes will be presented.

Bitkub Capital Group Holdings is a fast-growing company, from a start Up that has the highest seed round in Thailand at the moment, 525-million-baht company's evaluation, with major investors such as dtac, accelerate, SEAx, etc.

"I would like to take the opportunity to formally thank Dtac Accelerate that has the foresight to support us and allow us to realize our full potential today." said Mr. Jirayut.

Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co.,Ltd. was established in February 2018 offering Bitkub as a new platform for cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange that provides seamless service, allowing everyone to buy, sell and collect cryptocurrency at will. The company, based in Bangkok, has a starting capital of 50 million baht. Currently, four companies within the group actively develop and customize blockchain ecosystem for public and private agencies in Thailand. Bitkub has the target to position itself as the future leader of blockchain ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

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