Fully Renewed YumYum Jumbo Tom Yum Kung Flavor

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Bangkok--29 Nov--The Red Communication

WAN THAI FOODS INDUSTRY CO.,LTD, one of the leading manufacturers of instant noodles in Thailand, by Mr. Tetsuo Suzuki, President, launches the fully renewed "YumYum Jumbo" Tom Yum Kung Flavor, the main flavor in the market, by using innovation as a pioneer of using REAL Shrimp to be processed in seasoning oil for more concentrated taste to create new consumer value for Thai consumers.


Wan Thai Foods Industry Company Limited was established in 1971 and became a joint venture with Ajinomoto Co., Inc. of Japan in 1972. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of instant noodles in Thailand with the "YumYum" brand. Over the past 45 years "YumYum" has provided the truly delicious and authentic Thai tastes through a wide-ranging variety of instant noodle products. There are 3 factories located in Bangchan industrial estate in Bangkok. The products which are manufactured in Thailand are exported more than 50 countries around the world.

(2) Products

"YumYum "has 3 main products which are "YumYum Jumbo" (Big Quantity and good taste), "YumYum" CupTemTem (1st cup instant noodle in Thailand provided chunks and no need to tear seasoning sachet) and "YumYum ChangNoi" (1st instant noodle for kids).

(3) Instant noodle Market

In Thailand the market value of Instant Noodle is around 1.6 billion Baht. Instant noodles that have been loved and eaten by Thai people for many years as a national daily meal, in recent years there has been an increase in the living power of Thai society as a whole and the convenience and delicious food choices such as Ready-to-Eat Food, Frozen Foods, and Chilled Foods at convenience stores are increasing, The growth rate of instant noodles is minimal around 4%, and slow growth trend. However, convenient, cheap and delicious instant noodles are still an important position to support the Thai consumer. With information from 'World Instant Noodles Association' had reported that Thai is the 9th who has consumed instant noodle the most, the average packs per person is about 49 packs per year. (Reference: World Instant Noodle Association)

In Thailand instant noodle market, the spicy category is the biggest contribution over 50% because spicy taste is most familiar for Thai People.
(4) Tom Yum Kung Flavor renewal points

With the manufacturing process, "YumYum" has used innovation and new technology to use real shrimp to mix with other Tom Yum ingredients to make a seasoning oil to provide consumer with Unique Deliciousness. "YumYum" believed this new "YumYum Jumbo" Tom Yum Kung Flavor with the concentrated taste from real shrimp will surely satisfy our consumers. Not only renew recipe but "YumYum" also change the package design by using metallic materials and embarking on gold as an accent.

It will give a sense of challenge, passion, modernity, premium, and high-quality product to Thai Consumers.
(5) New Presenter Appointment

"YumYum" decided to newly appoint an actress and model Pu Praya Lundberg as the presenter in accordance with the renewal of the entire "YumYum Jumbo" Tom Yum Kung flavor at this time. Pu Praya Lundberg is a Thailand national actress and model, like being selected as most sexy actress in Thailand for the third consecutive year, while also taking international activities such as being named Southeast Asia's first to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Goodwill Ambassador. "YumYum" products are loved by globally and also produced with innovation to create more value to the products by new challenging and passion, and Praya can represent the passion for new challenge by expanding her activities globally, with feminine hidden strength, hot & sexy in Zabb image and healthy image refer to good quality product. Therefore, her character is matched with our image of "YumYum Jumbo" Tom Yum Kung.

The deliciousness of the fully renewed "YumYum Jumbo" Tom Yum Kung Flavor will be introduced through media such as TVCM and online soon.
The unique deliciousness of the fully renewed "YumYum Jumbo" Tom Yum Kung Flavor already served to market and will start communication in early Dec'18.
(6) Selling Start: End of October 2018

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