Publicis Groupe and Brilliant Million Merged, Preparing to be the Best Fit for the Agency of the Future

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Bangkok--10 Jan--MSL Group
Strengthening digital marketing capabilities to the fullest extent to completely serve all brands

Publicis Groupe Thailand, a branch of the world's leading agency network in the fields of communications, marketing, and digital marketing, announced to merge with Brilliant & Million Co., Ltd., a Thailand's leading digital agency. This business merger is an important milestone for Publicis Groupe to reflect its higher strength in digital marketing to fulfill and completely serve customers' needs. The company is confident that this merger will lead to a 20% growth of Publicis Groupe Thailand.

Mr. Songkran Sethesompobe, Chief Executive Officer of Publicis Groupe Thailand stated that "Publicis Groupe has been in a rapid growth during the past 3 years. One reason is that we have kept learning and never stopped developing ourselves to catch up with the advertising industry and communication marketing that always keep moving forward. Another thing is that we truly know what the requirements of our customers and the brands are. Therefore, for this year, we aim to develop and increase capabilities of our organization and personnel in the area of digital communications by focusing on strengthening the knowledge base, expertise, and experience in digital marketing communications in order to make all the companies under Publicis Groupe be able to completely and effectively serve customers of all brands in the future. Also, we have applied the O2O (Online to Offline) marketing trends to blend the online and the offline platforms in order to effectively raise communication potentials of the two in a balancing way to fulfil customers' business needs."

"Everybody knows that Brilliant & Million Co., Ltd. is a forefront Thailand's digital agency that specializes in complete strategic planning through online social media and digital media. Therefore, in applying a strategy to strengthen digital marketing communication capabilities, Publicis Groupe Thailand has chosen Brilliant & Million Co., Ltd. to be part of the company. We are confident that this merger will lead to sharing of experience and in-depth expertise, as well as increasing all employees' limits of competence for effective marketing communications towards our customers," said Mr. Songkran.

Ms. Sorada Sonprasit, Chief Executive Officer of Brilliant & Million Co., Ltd. said that "being part of Publicis Groupe is our great and crucial step. As we have seen opportunities for business development, and as well the development for our personnel that are in line with the group's aspect, we believe that our expertise in strategic planning through online social media, digital media, and technology integration, which includes online data analysis that covers establishment of relationships through joint communications on the online platform and the uses of those conversations created will help promote our understandings of the target groups' behaviors. All these insights will be blended with strengths and remarkableness of Publicis in terms of strategies and creativity. This is for the optimum benefits of all customers, and for us to establish business sustainability and to create digital figures for the most experiencing and effective team.

Mr. Songkran added that "after this, we have a plan to develop all services to better cover market's needs. We tend to turn Brilliant & Million Co., Ltd. to be one of the digital operation units, which will be developed from the creative solutions that are something that Publicis Groupe has skills for. It will be a joint business that ideally blends digital creative expertise to digital production expertise to provide end-to-end service in order to offer convenience for all customers who require a one stop service and turnkey evaluations."

"We are confident that a merger with a digital agency like Brilliant & Million Co., Ltd. will make the digital agency business grow by leaps and bounds, with an expectation of a 20% growth for the first year. However, this is just only the first step of 2019. We still have many more plans that will make Publicis Groupe and the companies advance to another step and prepare ourselves to best suit the position of the agency of the future as a modern agency with extensive experience and expertise in both online and offline platforms, and as a company that can effectively fulfil all the customers' requirements," Mr. Songkran concluded.

About Publicis Groupe

Publicis Groupe is the world's leading network for marketing communications and digital marketing by operating through a one stop service network, starting from consultancy to creativity works and new forms of marketing media production. This is to make the customers be able to access to communication devices and a variety of expertise of Publicis Groupe in all 4 solutions hubs, which are Publicis Communications, Publicis Media, Publicis Sapient, and Publicis Health. The company operates by supporting major markets, and other markets, together with keeping responding to all customers' needs with its proficiency in all dimensions for better connectivity and integration. At present, Publicis Groupe is located in up to 100 countries around the world with up to 80,000 specialized staff.

Agencies under Publicis Groupe Thailand are Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Alpha 245, Arc, Razorfish, MSL, Digitas, Starcom, Spark Floundry, and Brilliant & Million, the latest member.
About Brilliant & Million

Brilliant & Million is a Thai Digital Agency that has been awarded of Thailand Digital Agency of the Year and Thailand Independent Agency of the Year from the Campaign Asia for 6 consecutive years. The company has up to 130 new blood with extensive experience in the digital advertising industry for more than 10 years, ranging from complete strategic planning through online social media and digital media, campaign creation, establishment of relationships through joint communications on the online platform, to online data analysis. Moreover, it also offers a one stop service that meets the requirements of the customers in terms of marketing activities due to its experience in working with more than 100 brands in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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