iNFOFED bags funding from 2 big investors KK Fund and EventPop Shows plan to bring new aspect to the Esports industry

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iNFOFED is delighted to welcome KK Fund — a Singapore-based leading venture capital fund, and EventPop as investors in the company. With high potential, iNFOFED is preparing a comprehensive business plan to strengthen business by organizing the University E-Sports Championship (UEC) Season 2 as a CLMVT Esports league in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand after the 1st UEC 1st season launched in Thailand in January. The UEC will be expanded in South East Asia countries in the future. After the opening of "Thailand E-Sports Arena", the best full facility and equipped Esports stadium in Thailand, iNFOFED plans to embrace virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create new Esports experiences as well as develop eArena –an online Esports competition platform that bridge all Esports types both online and offline on mobile and PC. The company aims to achieve 200% revenue growth this year.

Jirayod Theppipit, CEO and founder of the Esports start-up company — iNFOFED Co., Ltd, revealed that the company received co-investment from 2 significant investors. The first one is KK Fund, a venture capital fund from Singapore that led by Koichi Saito and Kuan Hsu investing in SEA Fin Tech, Logistics, Prop Tech, Entertainment and HR Tech startups. KK Fund is one of the fund that can operate, build the stronger network and brand to generate revenue from growing markets in Thailand, particularly among EventPop and Giztix that have tremendous growth in the last 2-3 years. Recently, KK Fund has been invested in iNFOFED as the company saw the potential of the rapid growth in Esports business around the world. Moreover, SEA Esports market tends to drive growth in many industries in the same direction, such as advertising, agency, gaming hardware and IT. By foreseeing opportunities and potential of the business trends related with the Esports economy systems, more strategic cooperation and mergers will be seen.

The second investor, Event Pop Holdings Pte Ltd., is a company that creates cutting-edge technology to help organizer to manage and create added value from their event. A tech company specialised in creating innovative system that help managing and generating value for events and, also, investing in event and activities related business that has high potential in growth and be able to expand customers base. The reason that Event Pop has invested this time not only because it foreseen the opportunity in Esports dramatically growth in global market but also the expanding of new career choice such as steamer, caster and coach. Moreover, Esports have become one of major tool for marketing by directly connect with customer age range 15-30 years old. Event Pop believes that Esports are becoming the popular sport just like the traditional one.

In this year, Jirayod said that the company wants to step forward to organize University E-Sports Championship season 2 as the CLMVT's first full-scale University Esports league that opens for university students from all across 5 countries— Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand. The key highlight of the competition will be the mix of VR and AR technology that will help to build more enthusiasm and popularity in Esports in the region. The roadmap regarding the excellent response from the arrangement of the first season league that hosted in Thailand, iNFOFED also plans to organize a UEC season 3 expanding to SEA countries.

Moreover, iNFOFED plans to launch eArena, an online Esports competition platform which completes with standards and technology to manage data storage as a borderless system. The platform is designed to be Web-application for organizing Esports competition that allows everyone to participate in. Not just in Thailand, but players from around the world and Southeast Asia can enter the Esports competition on the platform. iNFOFED is confident that the development of eArena will become another innovation that helps solve problems for the Esports industry as well as drive growth in Esports competition throughout Southeast Asia.

Thailand E-Sports Arena, Thailand's most significant and modern Esports community center aims to support all types of Esports competition located in the heart of Bangkok. In this year, the arena expands to uses VR and AR technologies to bring more new experiences for all participants. The arena can deliver 24-hour space for leagues and tournaments, both mobile and PC competitions, as well as Esports events. With high-speed internet 400/400 megabytes (maximization of 1,000 megabytes), LED High-definition displays, and other functional spaces, Thailand E-Sports Arena provides modernity and maximum benefits to users, resulting in having organized many competitions and events. Based on this year business plans, iNFOFED targets growth of 200% from arranging the UEC and the launch of eArena -- online Esports competition platform as well as the operation of Thailand E-Sports Arena which is the center of Esports competition in this region.

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