BenQ Medical Group Targeting Thai Medical Market. To Initially Launch K2 Medical in Thailand Before Expanding to ASEAN

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BenQ Medical Group, one of the Taiwanese manufacturers and distributors of medical supplies, is planning to expand its medical market to South East Asian region. Its first regional office was inaugurated in Thailand on 23 January 2019, namely K2 Medical (Thailand) Company Limited, for provision of kidney dialysis, blood banking, medical equipment and other services.

Mr. Harry Yang, Chairman of K2 Medical (Thailand) Company Limited, stated that "K2 International Medical Company Limited was established in 2006 by the medical team specializing in kidney diseases with more than 20 years'experience in hemodialysis covering hemodialysis, plasmapheresis, blood bag products and cosmeceuticals. In addition, we have provided services to more than 100 hemodialysis centers in Taiwan and China and joined BenQ Group of Companies in September 2018 with the aim to share our resources and medical equipment innovations to fulfill the need of medical industry and expand our market abroad."

"Thailand is considered as one of the leading importers/exporters of medical equipment in ASEAN as it is the world's medical hub. Also, there are 1,000 public hospitals and 400 private hospitals enhancingtheir medical efficiencies in Thailand, resulting in increasing medical equipment import to support the increasing number of patients in need of quality treatment. In the previous year, the value of medical equipment market is 12,000 million Baht, and the growth rate is expected at the minimum of 8.5% (with reference to Furthermore, with the greater number of aging populations, the demand of medical supplies and equipment is correspondingly higher. Thus, we see it as a good opportunity to start marketing our products in Thailand by establishing K2 Medical (Thailand) Company Limited for sales of hemodialysis equipment, blood banking, other medical equipment and other service provision, leading to the Company becoming the hub of medical supplies distribution in the region", said Mr. Harry Yang.

K2 Medical (Thailand) Company Limited aims to develop innovations and advanced technology contributing to the best medical service provision in Thailand and strive to be ranked third in medical product distribution with the uniqueness of its high-quality products from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, which can be categorized as follows:1. Dialysis, including Dialyzer, BTL (Blood Tubing Line), AVF (Arterial Venous Fistula);2. Blood Banking, consisting of Blood Bag andBlood Banking Devices;and 3. Medical Devices, including Operation Table and Light, Portable Ultrasound, Implant Dental and so on.

Mr. Henry O. Yang, Managing Director of K2 Medical (Thailand) Company Limited, additionally mentioned about the Company's readiness for market expansion and marketing plans to be implemented in Thailand that "We have been selling our products through distributors, from which positive feedback has been received. To ensure good services to meet customer needs more effectively, we are prepared in terms of engaging personnel with more than 20 years' experience in medical equipment sales, alternative distribution channels in addition to direct sales to customers, such as hospitals or clinics, and we also have groups of partners who are ready to provide us with supports and after-sale services. Moreover, the Company acknowledges the target market in need of the equipment and devices for treatment of patients with renal failure, blood banking and other medical equipment, such as beds and lights for surgery, portable ultrasound machines ordental equipment. Also, we are prepared for strengthening distribution channels and boosting sales in CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar andVietnam) market in the first 3 years by making our brand well-known through several events, such as medical conferences or medical fairs."

K2 Medical (Thailand) Company Limited has its headquarters located at 77/87,

Sinn Sathorn Tower, 22ndFloor, Krung Thonburi Road, Khlong Ton Sai Sub-district, Khlong San District, Bangkok Metropolis, 10600. For more information about medical supplies, please contact us at telephone No. 0 2440 0188-9 or facsimile No. 0 2440 0190. Detailed information is also available on

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