CP Vietnam strongly bolsters Hanoi to fight against ASF

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Bangkok--14 Mar--CPF

C.P. Vietnam Corporation (CP Vietnam) has collaborated closely with the Vietnam Government to work in every practices to stop African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak which farm knowledge and management have implemented to raise awareness among farmers and consumers.

So far, the Vietnam Government has launched concrete measures to combat ASF outbreak nationwide. CP Vietnam has not only followed the government's footstep but provided farmers best practices of treatment for farms and animals in line with international standard. This is to return to normal as quickly as possible and convince consumer that pork is safety.

Mr. Jirawit Rachatanan, Executive Vice President - Swine Business of CP Vietnam and CLMV countries, said CP Vietnam strictly operates under Vietnam government's stringent measures which implemented by Department of Husbandry and Veterinary/Animal Health Department.

"Vietnam has implemented many regulations to ensure that the spread of ASF will be under control. For example, transportation of pigs is banned within a 3-kilometer radius from infectious area, all farms in the risk area must take blood samples of the pigs, transportations of pigs and animal feeds must be sterilized to make sure that they are 100% clean meanwhile the distribution centers are closely inspected by the government officers." Mr. Jirawit explained.

Under the measurements, CP Foods and Vietnam's government have teamed up to raise awareness of ASF through various communication channels, helping the public to have a correct information about the disease. The government also launched campaign among media and consumers to crack down fake news, convincing people that ASF has not harmed human.

"ASF cannot be transmitted from pig to human, therefore, it poses no food safety concern," Mr. Jirawit commented, adding that the correct understanding will ease consumer's fear and boosting their confidence on domestic pork product.

The company also shares its expertise on disease control with the government agency and funded ASF test kits, worth USD150,000, to shorten diagnostic time.
At its operational sites, CP Vietnam has strengthen its farm's biosecurity as well as hosting internal training programs for tacking ASF.
"Our Vietnam's farms are operated with high biosecurity, allowing us to prevent the outbreak effectively. Besides our own farm, we have share our proactive prevention method to farmers' nationwide." he said.

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