Lion Thailand celebrates the 50th warm friendship anniversary. Moving forward to its centennial with sustainability and happiness.

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Bangkok--14 Mar--Integrated Communication

The half-century business journey of Lion Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. was established from the true friendship. Therefore, in "From 50 to 100 years with Sustainability & Happiness" event, the honorable guests not only came to congratulate on the Company's 50th anniversary but also to celebrate the friendship relation between Lion (Thailand) and business partners from Japan and Asian region that is still flourishing beautifully and sustainably till today. The tie of friendship is the heart of moving the business forward to reach the success pathway together.

Mr. Boonyarith Mahamontri, President of Lion Corporation (Thailand) Ltd., welcomed all the honorable attendees to Lion Thailand Factory, Saha Industrial Park, Sriracha, Chonburi, hosting the event "From 50 to 100 years with Sustainability & Happiness" in the atmosphere of warm friendship. The momentous event has also been cordially participated by business partners from Japan and Asian region, including Mr. Boonsithi Chokwatana, Honorary Chairman of Saha Group and Lion Thailand founder, Dr. Itsuo Hama, Chairman of Lion Corporation (Japan), Mr. Sadayoshi Fujishige, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lion Corporation (Japan) and Dr. Mongkol Na Songkhla, a former Public Health Minister.

On this auspicious occasion, Mr. Boonsithi gave encouraging remarks to congratulate Lion Thailand on its successful business operation while marking the journey to its centennial with sustainability and happiness. He also expressed his warm wishes to Lion Thailand to lead through the rapidly changing world by learning lessons learnt from the history and past experiences to define the future growth as the leading consumer product manufacturer in Thailand.

President of Lion Corporation (Thailand) Ltd, Mr. Boonyarith further affirmed the Company's core value in business operating with integrity. Besides, Lion (Thailand) has never wavered in the promise of friendship, partnership, business alliances and the society that led the Company overcame the crises and stand firm till today.

The event also featured the special show from Team LCT50, comprising 50 staff from different departments form up in unity to create the special performance with the song 'Destiny of Life' rap lyrics. To celebrate the auspicious occasion that marks its 50 years and team spirit moving forward to the future.

The event ended with the tour to Humanized Hall that Lion Thailand has constructed to record the sacred history of its establishment. The Hall also serves as the learning center that highlights its business with integrity concept and inspires employee and every visitor to pursue integrity, derive happiness in sharing, as well as having faith and pleasure in integrity. With its core value in business integrity, Lion Thailand determine on commitment "Build goodness in society and bring good health to consumer" to improve the quality of living for Thai people and share benefit to all.

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