CP Foods launches new corn silage plant to boost milk production

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Bangkok--5 Apr--CPF
Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) opened a corn silage plant in an effort to increase quality and yield of dairy production with innovative forage.
The joint project is expected to produce around 20,000 metric tonnes of quality forage, worth over 50 million baht, in this year.

Mr. Rewat Hathaisattayapong, Chief Operating Officer of CP Foods, said the new feed product is a jointly development between CP Foods, Charoen Pokphand Produce (CPP), and CP Meiji to produce high quality corn silage for dairy farmers.

The new forage will help cows to stay healthy and feed a superior quality milk to Thai dairy industry, enabling the industry to deliver best quality milk to consumers.

Location-wise, the new corn silage plant is located in CP Foods' field crop research facility in Saraburi, the largest dairy farming area in Thailand. It will also act as a center of dairy forage research, using over 30 years of CP Foods' experience in dairy cow's feed and CPP's 40 years of experience in corn research.

In addition to the facility, the project has a planting area developed for off-season farming, making it to be able to produce corn all year round.
Mr. Sayan Hongsa, Chief Operating Officer of CPP, said the project has chosen to produce corn silage due to its nutritional benefits and high yield rate.

CPP has constantly developed maize for making quality silage. Corn silage provides higher starch and protein when compare to other types of silage. It is also easy for cow, which has a complex digestive system because of its ruminant stomach, to digest the forage.

"The joint project is a significant progress for CP Group. It makes new market opportunity for us. Moreover, the project will uplift the quality of Thai dairy products to be on par with leading countries," he said.

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