Labour Voices Hotline by LPN enters 2nd year Set to track migrant worker employment from their home bases

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Bangkok--29 Apr--CPF

The Labour Voices Hotline by LPN, a joint initiative by Labour Rights Promotion Network (LPN) and Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC (CP Foods), is entering the second year. A more aggressive strategy is planned to enhance the employment transparency of migrant workers for their own protection and quality of life as well as prevent human trafficking and slave labour in the supply chain.

Mr. Sompong Srakaew, Founder and Director of LPN, said that Labour Voices Hotline by LPN project at CP Foods is entering the second year, to continuously provide consulting services and training for workers. This year's project will intensify the review process of migrant worker employment, to cover the conditions in the workers' home countries and their employers. The plan will help the foundation gain in-depth information of migrant workers, to ensure the transparency in labour selection and employment in the countries of origin and in Thailand as well as compliance with the laws enforced in both countries. Meanwhile, workers will enhance their skills in assisting fellow workers who are in trouble or taken advantage of. These strategies will hence promote the Hotline center's efficiency in registering complaints.

"The employment process review from the countries of origin, to be conducted by LPN and CP Foods, will enhance our offensive strategy in tackling all forms of human trafficking, slave labour and illegal labour," Mr. Sompong said.

This year, the Labour Voices Hotline by LPN will continuously host training for Thai and migrant workers. Meanwhile, to ensure the Hotline center's greater efficiency in providing consultation services or receiving complaints, workers will be equipped with consulting skills to assist their fellows.

Mr. Parisothat Punnabhum, Executive Vice President for Human Resources of CP Foods, added that the cooperation with LPN will boost the company's transparency in migrant worker employment. LPN will exploit its experiences in assisting human trafficking victims to review the employment process from the countries of origin. This process will also ensure that CP Foods migrant workers are fully informed about available jobs, pays and welfares before filing job applications. They can also check expenses relating to the selection process at the countries of origin and travel to Thailand, to avoid being taken advantage of or overcharges.

In the first year, Labour Voices Hotline by LPN at CP Foods served as the channel to receive the opinions, recommendations and complaints of Thai, Cambodian and Myanmar workers and the feedback helped CP FOODS tackle problems in a fast and efficient manner. A number of 1,963 workers, Thai and foreign, were educated on human rights to raise their awareness in workers' rights and their capacity in achieving their entitled rights.

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