NESCAFE RED CUP Launches New Limited Edition Origin Selection First Time Ever! A global product featuring quality coffee beans grown locally in Ranong!

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Bangkok--13 May--ABM Connect

NESCAFÉ is forging ahead to elevate the pure soluble coffee market with the launch of new limited-edition "NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection," which offers Thai coffee lovers the unique experience of a personalized cup of coffee. The new product is the result of the first collaboration between NESCAFÉ and local coffee growers to select the highest-quality Robusta coffee beans from Kraburi district in Ranong province. At NESCAFÉ's coffee bean buying station in Kraburi, more than 500 coffee growers have been trained by NESCAFÉ's agronomists who regularly follow up with them as they work together in a partnership that results in the highest-quality coffee beans, from planting and growing through to the harvesting stage, which leads to the quality of this local selection to be a proud source of Thai coffee. The specially-selected beans used in new limited-edition NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection are chosen for their uniquely intense aroma and flavor, which are preferred by Thai coffee lovers. The partnership with NESCAFÉ will also help improve the quality of life for coffee growers, in line with Ranong province's policy of promoting coffee to become its main economic crop.

Mr. Thanatorn Punpanishgul, Senior Marketing Manager – NESCAFÉ RED CUP, NESCAFÉ GOLD, Nestle COFFEE-MATE and NESTEA, Nestle (Thai) Ltd., said, "We have discovered that Thai coffee lovers are now focusing more on good-quality coffee with a uniqueness that can nurture stronger bonds with the people around them. The launch of new limited-edition NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection is the first time that NESCAFÉ Thailand has developed a new product using a single source of coffee beans from a qualified local region. We feature the source of the coffee beans on the product packaging to show Thai pride in offering unmatched quality that is second to none. We are offering a new level of a coffee-drinking experience with a unique product made from locally-grown coffee beans available only in the Kraburi district of Ranong province. This is one of Thailand's top areas for growing coffee, so this new product makes us proud of Thai-bred coffee. This special product is the result of a collaboration that brings together NESCAFÉ's global production standards for pure soluble coffee and the Ranong growers' care in planting and nurturing their coffee crops."

New limited-edition NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection is made from quality Robusta coffee beans that are collected from more than 500 coffee growers in Ranong, who are qualified and selected by NESCAFÉ's Kraburi coffee bean buying station, one of two NESCAFÉ buying stations in Ranong. The process follows the principles of NESCAFÉ's "Grown Respectfully" program, which ensures that coffee beans selected for all NESCAFÉ products are responsibly sourced while enhancing the quality of life of the coffee growing community. Every coffee bean in the Origin Selection starts its journey during the best time of the harvest season. Only the ripest red beans are hand-picked with care, then naturally air dried during the time of the year when the weather is perfect for drying the beans. The dried beans are then meticulously roasted and mixed with fine-ground coffee using NESCAFÉ's proprietary MRC (Micronized Roasted Coffee) technology. The result is an intense coffee with a perfect aroma that comes in modern and beautifully-designed packaging inspired by the enchanting Batik prints that are part of Southern Thai culture.

Mr. Pornthep Pongsri, Deputy Governor of Ranong province, said, "We are grateful that NESCAFÉ places importance on developing products grown locally by Thai coffee growers, as this helps to generate income for the community. I am proud for Ranong coffee growers that the name of the 'Kraburi' district, a perfect area for growing coffee, is printed on the global product's packaging. I am confident that with the coffee from Kraburi in Ranong, Thai as well as foreign coffee lovers will enjoy enchanting moments and love this special Thai blend."

"We have prepared a wide variety of marketing activities, both online and offline, to support the launch of new limited-edition NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection, which will be available in the market from May until August 2019 only. This includes a web film, online and YouTube promotions, and point-of-sale media to share the product story with all Thai coffee lovers. We are confident that new limited-edition NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection will become the favorite choice for Thai coffee lovers who indulge themselves with a rich and intense cup of coffee, strengthening NESCAFÉ RED CUP's brand proposition as the No.1 coffee brand that connects Thai coffee lovers in every way," concluded Mr. Thanatorn.

Enjoy the special intense coffee taste and aroma of new limited-edition NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection, now available in two sizes: a 45g-sachet pack at 39 baht and a 150g-sachet pack at 120 baht, at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout Thailand.

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