Central joins forces with leading watch distributors to organize two major Watch-Jewelry exposunder the baton of the third-generation heir Tapida Norpanlob with Bt80-million budget that expect to reach the sales volume of Bt 800 million

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Bangkok--9 Aug--Polyplus pr

Central Department Store, the pioneer of a major watch fair in Thailand that has currently become one of the prestigious watch expos in Asia, led by Tapida Norpanlob, Omni-Channel Merchandising Director at Central Department Store Co., Ltd, continues the prominent role as a watch market leadership and guru by joining hands with the leading watch distributors to organise "Central | ZEN International Watch Fair 2019".

Now in its 21st edition, the fair - billed as one of the most extravagant watch fairs in Asia - will take place atThe Event Hall, Floor 3, Central Department Store, Chidlom during August 20 – September 16, 2019.

Specially, Central Department Store will also organize "The World's Premier Watch & Jewelry Expo" at Central World during September 25 – October 6, 2019. The total values of the watches and jewelry are over Bt6,000 million, and the expected sales volume from the two major events are Bt800 million.

The events will bring in a selection of world-class watches as well as the exclusive items available only at Central Department Store, and the limited-edition collection from more than 180 brands. Fresh from two of the world's premier fairs - Basel World 2019 and SIHH-THE Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, these special collections are ready for watch lovers in Thailand to get updated on the latest international trend. The events will take place at "the best timing" and "the most competitive promotion campaign."

The upcoming 21st watch fair will shape a new historical chapter during the past two decades in terms of both the organisation management and the marketing strategy. For the first time, Central Department Store will organize two watch fairs at two venues. The first venue is Central Department Store, Chidlom, that has been the venue for the past21 years. The second venue is Central World where a collection of jewelry will be merged as a part of the watch fair and occupy the entire first floor. The two venues expect to become a tourist destination and the first choices of shopping centers for both Thai and foreign customers.

"This year we organize two watch fairs at two venues; "Central | ZEN International Watch Fair2019" and "The World's Premier Watch & Jewelry Expo". It is our new challenges to deliver the best offers to our customers. To expand the customer base, we have modified our strategy from holding the fair only at Central Chidlom by expanding to the second venue at Central World. It is the first time that we combine the jewelry brands as a new part of the event at Central World," said Tapida Norpanlob, Omni-Channel Merchandising Director at Central Department Store Co., Ltd.

The marketing strategy is to focus on "the best timing and the most competitive promotion campaign" for clients to buy their watches and jewelry. The aim is to accumulate the sales revenue of Bt800 million, according to Tapida.

"We consider the right time to organise our watch fair for the most benefits of our clients. This period is the best time to bring in the latest collection and the highlight from the world's famous brands right after the showcases of Basel World 2019 and SIHH, Switzerland to serve the watch lovers in Thailand. Many latest collections are on sale for the first time here and are available only at Central Department Store," added Tapida.

The best promotion campaigns are addressed for all customers looking for smart-quartz to luxury timepieces. The coupon worth up to Bt135,000 are arranged for clients to ensure the good value for money when spending at Central. For credit card holders, the nine credit card partners have given a strong support by offering privileges to customers. In short, the promotion covers major credit cards for the benefits of the holders.

Our Big Data obtained from The1 Card holders is a powerful tool to learn the customer's behaviors. We have accumulated the data for more than ten years since 2006 from over 15 million people of our members. Our Big Data provides useful information regarding consumer buying behavior and the frequency of their purchases. It enables us to formulate sales promotion plans that correspond to customer requirements. Take Vietnam, the number of The1 Card holders reach to 10 million hence allowing us to understand their shopping behavior and transmit the right messages to them.

In terms of omni-channel distribution, we have timepieces available for sales at Central Department Store, Chidlom, and other 22 Central branches. They are also available online and Chat & Shop service. Customers could buy watches via online channels or physically come into any store and try it on before making decision later via online channel. All channels are connected seamlessly.

Moreover, we promote customer's recognition via both offline and online media channels. We are proud that Central is number one in all social network channels such as Facebook with 1,302,599 followers, Instagram93,612followers, Twitter 970,000 followers, and LINE 6,436,327 followers. When it comes to communicating with customers, our reach-out capability is extensive, and our coverage is comprehensive.

The upcoming "The World's Premier Watch & Jewelry Expo" will also become an extravagant event that will take place in the heart of Bangkok at Central World during September 25 – October 6, 2019. It is "the best timing" as it corresponds to the Golden Week or the National Day of China. The flock of Chinese tourists are expected to travel to Thailand during their long-holiday period so it will become the golden opportunity and best timing.

In addition to the Chinese market, tourists from the CLMV tend to travel to Thailand in the latter part of the year, and Central appears to be their preferred choice for shopping. During the first half of 2019, their spending increased by more than 10 percent compared with the same period in 2018. The fastest growth comes from Cambodia whose spending increased by more than 25 percent in the first half of 2019. We are confident that we will achieve our sales targets as planned.

In showcasing the jewelry and the timepiece under one roof at Central World, Tapidastated "We classify jewelry as the luxury product category, and watches also belong to the same class that are worth for customers to both collect and invest as assets. Both jewelry and watches have stable value and their value tends to appreciate over time. The demands keep rising over the years. Customers can be categorized into two segments; those who buy diamonds for the purpose of social functions, and those who buy for asset accumulation and investment.

Five watch trends from Basel World are as follows;

1. Vintage Inspired: This trend is loved by watch collectors over time. The legendary brands have redesigned their classic series to match with the contemporary world. The dial is sleek and smaller while the classic touch remains.

2. 3D Innovation: The leading brands take pride of their intricate craftsmanship and mechanical sophistication that can blend seamlessly with innovation to become the state-of-the-art creations.

3. Infusion of Color: The trend brings back the colourful dial design. The colors that are preferable this year are green and blue, while multiple colors are gaining popularity as an expression of a wearer's self.

4. Useful Functions: The wristwatch serves proper functions to meet different lifestyles of the wearers. Their designs tend to include utility and functions that are more than ordinary.
5. High-Tech Materials: New and unique materials are integrated by craftsmen to make the timepiece extraordinary.

Watches lover are cordially invited to get updated and enjoy shopping at Central | ZEN International Watch Fair2019. It comes with a worthy promotion of up to 30 percent discount, up to 45 percent discount for The1 Card and other participating credit card holders.

Free download of LINE special coupon valued at Bt1,000 for purchasing a watch worth above Bt20,000 is available. You may download the coupon at Central Department Store account in LINE application. Cash coupon at the maximum of Bt135,000 are also provided with conditions applied together with 10 installment payment at 0 percent interest from all leading credit cards. The watch fair will take place at The Event Hall, Floor 3, Central Department Store, Chidlom during August 20 – September 16, 2019, and at all branches of Central and Zen during August 20 – October 6,2019.

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