Mr Jeff presents its attractive, low investment laundry franchise model to Thailand

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Bangkok--14 Aug--Precious Communication
Actively looking for potential franchisees in Thailand, Mr Jeff discloses more details on the company's quick return on investment business opportunity

After the official start of its sales operations in Thailand just five weeks ago, Mr Jeff has been busy explaining the attractivity of its innovative home laundry and dry cleaning services for users and franchisees alike. The basic idea - that has led to an important international growth of more than 2,500 franchises in 25 countries up until now - is as simple as convincing: By using the app, customers can choose the exact location, time and day of their laundry's pickup; a driver visits the user's house and collects the garments and later on delivers them back, cleaned and ironed.

Unique opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs

To provide this convenient service to customers in Thailand, the Spanish company will rely on local franchisees who will receive marketing and partner support from the professional teams of Mr Jeff. The typical franchise recoups its investment in 17 months, with a break-even point at 5 months and a profit of approximately THB 90,483 per month. Stating that they won't charge royalties and marketing fees for the first year, Julio Suero, Mr Jeff Head of Expansion Asia, points out that "Thailand is one of the countries in which maximum revenue is expected." For people interested in opening a Mr Jeff Store in Thailand the company provides more information on its homepage ( as well as per e-mail (

Ambitious international roll-out

Mr Jeff's franchise model has proven successful as the company's work force has witnessed exceptional growth with more than 350 direct and more than 1,200 indirect employees. Offering convenient, quality laundry and dry cleaning services for its customers of every type, especially young people short on time are among Mr Jeff's most loyal customers around the world. Service options include on-demand solutions as well as monthly subscription. With two payment methods available, including credit card and cash payments, Mr Jeff's services are accessible to the unbanked population in Thailand as well.

About Mr Jeff

Mr Jeff is a startup that was founded in 2015 to offer a comfortable and fast laundry and dry cleaning home delivery app. The business was created in Valencia, Spain, by Eloi Gómez, Adrián Lorenzo and Ruben Muñoz, three Spanish entrepreneurs in their twenties. Soon after, Mr Jeff took the international leap to Mexico, later expanding to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica and Panama. Today, it is foreseen to continue growing nationally and internationally, especially in South-East Asia and the Middle East, where the first Mr Jeff Hubs have already been opened. The company offers laundry and dry cleaning services, which can be requested through the app and website. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and works through a monthly subscription system and one-off orders in Stores that are distributed across different cities, forming a network of franchises that completely change the traditional laundry model.

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