Dr.Somchai Drives RD via Deep Tech To Bring About Access to Essential Medicine for Thai People

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Bangkok--26 Aug--Polyplus PR

S.S. Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is the first Thai manufacturer of cosmeceutical products under the brand name of "Dr. Somchai." Its commitment is moving toward 4.0 technology and researching "Genome Editing"- a highly advanced deep biological technology. The company also registered a small molecule patent for cancer cell killing in the United States. Recently, it opened a research center to conduct genome editing deep tech in Singapore. Its plan calls for registration of five medicine patents during the next five years.

Dr. Ornin Ruangwattanasuk (MD), the Executive Director of the company, She is concerned with the negative prospects of Thailand's cosmetics business. "The cosmetics industry," she said, "has been on the decline since Q2 and its outlook in Q3 and Q4 remains unfavorable brought about by the global economic slowdown. Furthermore, the traditional sustainable business model faces a major challenge from the startup model. New enterprise value is on the rise hence making the overall business environment highly competitive. Our response is to become flexible and proactive and to place emphasis on innovation and quality products. Our R&D has played a key role when it comes to innovation. Recently, we have spin-off a research team to become engaged in deep tech to strengthen our competitiveness in the world market.

"The Dr.Somchai brand is the first of cosmeceutical products in Thailand that enjoy market acceptance-thanks to our laboratory and research capability. Our staff comprises several Ph.D. graduates. Our research works got printed regularly in overseas journals. Our research and development budget is above 6 percent.

Recently, we registered a small molecule patent for cancer cell killing in the United States. In 2019, we shall register two more patents, and we intend to bring the total patents to five in the next five years. We look at this development as a critical step to drive innovation. Moreover, we have opened a biotech company in Singapore to strengthen our research capability. Our company has embraced CRISPR as a new way to improve the process of creating protein to cure diseases. Its potential has generated equity participation interests from companies in Brazil and Dubai.

This R&D undertaking will result in taking the quality of the Dr.Somchai products to the next level. We take pride in the capability of our leading research team known for their systematic and methodical works. Also, their meticulous process is similar to the patent registration process. Our production process is sophisticated to ensure our products meet world standards when it comes to efficiency and quality."

At present, our commitment is to rolling out Dr.Somchai products that are appealing but also high quality. We are determined to make use of research works as a platform to translate into medicines that improve the quality of life.

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