Ogilvy and SmartOSC share the essentials of building successful Ecommerce with creativity and technology

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Bangkok--6 Sep--Ogilvy Group Thailand

From Left: Jack Tran, Principal Consultant, E-Commerce & Digital, SmartOSC; Steven Ladd, Director, Customer Experience & Consulting, Ogilvy Thailand; Jerry Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Ogilvy Asia; Tony Nguyen, Country Manager, SmartOSC; and Tam Vo, Marketing Manager, SmartOSC

Ogilvy has recently partnered with SmartOSC, a full-service Ecommerce agency, to share essential business insights on how to set up outstanding Ecommerce by leveraging the integration of creativity and technology. Jerry Smith, COO, Ogilvy Asia revealed that, in light of changes in consumer behaviour in which people stay connected through mobile & smart devices, businesses need to take a closer look at Ecommerce as part of the connected experience and understand how they are under-using creativity which results in lower customer impression and advocacy.

Currently, the business world has already entered the age of omnichannel where all channels, including physical store encounter, in-person interaction, website, and mobile app are digitized and interconnected. Businesses that look to stay ahead of the competition MUST move past 'omnichannel' to 'Continuous Commerce', a new rule of commerce that can be anywhere in the process from beginning to end of consumer journey.

For brands or businesses to achieve 'Continuous Commerce', two major focuses to consider are: data sources to obtain 360° consumer view to come up with a detailed analysis of their behaviours; and consumer touchpoints, how and where can we tap into them to deliver the right message at the right time.

Ogilvy has a suite of tools that leap across all these steps by obtaining data sources from social listening, journey, social loyalty, key opinion leader (KOL) management, retail, and digital point of sale to help guide brands through these challenges. In the absence of data, we are helping brands become a more data and digitally oriented company to ensure they are ready for the next era of marketing.

Tony Nguyen, Country Manager, SmartOSC discussed how the use of technology can help businesses make bold steps towards creating standout consumer experiences that drive growth, from turning clicks into customers to the way A/B testing and personalization work. A/B testing is about creating two versions of the message and see which one performs better in terms of conversion rate. This requires effective measurement tools & methods as well. A/B testing will help increase conversion rate, drive more sales, as well as save cost per customer/lead.

Using these methods in a practical sense helps remove the guesswork from scaling your Ecommerce business. A/B testing provides a deeper understanding into what incites a response from your customer base, so use creativity in marketing communications and use technology to accurately track fluctuations in how your customers react to those messages.

In the age where irrelevant ads in various forms across media tend to be annoying, brands and products should look into recognizing and creating "Moments that Matter", right at the start of conversation with today's consumers.

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