Brands on Road Creates New Phenomenon in Advertising Industry with the First Taxi Rooftop Digital Ad Display in Thailand

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"Brands on Road" Media introduced Thailand's first taxi rooftop digital advertising platform to help advertisers and brands reach out to target customers and penetrate the market through mobile digital advertising on public transport like taxis. The digital taxi-top advertising display is a unique combination between the out-of-home advertising media and the digital content platforms created to accurately communicate with target audience. The eye-catching taxi rooftop advertising display will provide high impact digital advertising solutions for starting a new future of out-of-home advertising media through the use of advanced, digital technology, which will greatly help raise the standard of advertising media format in the outdoor advertising market.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Saraff, founder of Brands on Road Media, said "there is an intensifying competition in businesses across segments. Brands, product manufacturers and advertisers are struggling to reach out to the target customers by creating certain media platforms to attract the attention of the target customers. So, the important thing is to utilize the right advertising media platforms to ensure the effectiveness and enhance the efficiency of the marketing strategies of each brand and product. "Brands on Road" is established in light of the growing presence and importance of the out-of-home advertising format. "Brands on Road" is not the conventional advertising service as usual, but it is the "New Digital Out of Home Media" created to help enhance the business competitiveness and the communications about products and services. "Brands on Road" will also help elevate the standard of mobile media industry on the public transport, which is worth 7.5 billion baht "Brands on Road" Media is the first company to introduce the moving digital advertising screens on taxi rooftops. The company will serve as a medium to help communicate about products and services with target customers through the digital displays on taxi rooftops with cost effectiveness."

Brands on Road Media initially targets to have 1,000 taxis in Bangkok installed with the digital advertising screens in the first phase. It is regarded as a means to help increase income for taxi drivers after they decide to be part of Brands of Road Media, which will provide services to any business types and customers of all levels. The company has packages and service fees that are designed to suit customers across segments and brands of all sizes. There are daily, monthly, annual and custom packages for customers to choose from such as dedicated screen run, product launch day, etc. The company started a 15-day trial period, which received an overwhelming response from businesses across segments, including retailers, wholesalers, food delivery operators, airlines, etc.

The biggest strength is our qualities-based approach to advertising. Brands on Road provides a strong online platform to communicate with all stakeholders in the system. It allows advertising to reset immediately to changing marketing conditions. It gives insight to our partners on how to effectively spend their resources to get the results they desire. It allows other micro entrepreneurs to become our partners and be a part of the eco system.

Mr. Ankush Bhardwaj, cofounder of Brands on Road Media, added that "Brands on Road" aims to be the largest and strongest operator of digital out-of-home advertising media. The company expects to record 3 million baht in revenue in the fourth quarter of this year and targets to grow by 2.5 times in 2021. Brands on Road Media plans to form business partnerships with major advertising agencies, advertisers and marketing companies so as to increase the advertising traffic on the digital out-of-home media. The company aims to add value in all of the existing customers and also looks to expand customer bases. The company's technical team is currently in the process of testing out new features, products and services, including the plan to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) based services through smartphones, aiming to enhance customer engagement while on the road. Brands on Road Media is set to launch the "Social Box" for helping marketers to engage brand awareness and brand recognition with more accurate results via the company's digital advertising displays. Apart from providing the commercial services, the company also allocates 5-10% of its advertising airtime for public welfare announcements, news and government initiatives. All in all, Brands on Road's products and services are created in response to customers' needs, to provide convenience for all customer groups and to make it easier for customers to use to ensure the most accurate results."

Brands on Road Media is the pioneer of digital taxi rooftop advertising service in Thailand. It provides a unique Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising solution for people in the advertising industry to effectively reach out to target customers. It is created to ensure accurate results in marketing and brand communications. Interested customers and those looking to place an advertising can visit for more details.

About Brands on Road

Brands on Road (BRO) is the first of its kind in the advertising vertical with in Thailand. BRO is the first company to introduce Moving Digital Screens on Top of Taxi Rooftops providing more digital screen space to the growing market demand for brand advertisements in Thailand.

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